Modern Minimalist Residential House

Picture of Modern Minimalist Residential House
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Residential architecture continues to advance and soar to new heights. If you are looking for a simple but trendy house then; consider the remarkable features and advantages of this modern minimalist residential house. Cost implications still stands to be one of the major factors that blocks the way for most families. For this reason, designers continue to offer various designs of different types to cater all income levels.

Present day architecture offer a wide variety of plans that answers the demands of every family. Houses that define style, character, aesthetics as well as benefits and advantages.  As a matter of fact, it has introduced a lot of new concepts generating multi-functional features; that delivers satisfaction to homeowners and buyers.

This article introduces a new dimension of multi-faceted home. Modern minimalist residential house plans are new concepts that definitely catch the attention of many. In fact, minimalism has become reasonably prevalent over the years as a design philosophy and way of life.

Features of Modern Minimalist Residential House

The theory of minimalism in connection with architecture, is basically to achieve better design through simplicity. Simplicity of form, space, design, layout, materials, details as well as color. The simpler it is, the better because it will at least be a big factor with respect to cost implications. Therefore, most families will be able to avail because of affordability.

The house in feature showcases a fusion of style, elegance, aesthetics and beauty at the same time. A modern one story house, it delivers a simple geometric configuration of vertical and horizontal lines; generating simplicity but elegant. The exterior façade offers a stunning and striking appeal which establishes an irresistible aesthetic and beauty.

Key features of this modern minimalist residential house.

  • elevated and comfortable front porch filled with plenty of air and light
  • cross section of vertical and horizontal geometric columns and lines creating an impressive exterior
  • rectangular vertical column with accent of sparkling autumn stones in light brown color
  • prominent exterior wall accentuated by layers of bricks in dark brown color
  • an array of rectangular glass windows in the living room
  • eye-catching sectional glass windows in white aluminum frames
  • concrete and masonry flat roof
  • inviting driveway and white painted carport with a separate concrete flat roof
  • combination of contrasting colors from white to brown shades in the exterior façade, creating a harmonious blend
  • spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • gorgeous landscape promoting green building and living

Overall, this modern minimalist residential house is a signature home that most families would definitely love.

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