Modern Bungalow House with Prominent Hip Roof

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Attending to the maintenance of multi-storey houses is really complicated especially if you are financially tight. Well, if you want a house that still looks very modern and without breaking the bank, then this modern bungalow house design with a prominent hip roof might be the one you need. The house displays very prominent and strong architectural details.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House with Prominent Hip Roof

It’s a common concept for one-storey houses to bear a design with an elevated scheme. In fact, it’s a smart design idea as it raises the height of the house offering an additional aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it gives style and character to the design, thus offering an added value.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House with Prominent Hip Roof

Description of Modern Bungalow House with Gorgeous Hip Roof

The house featured in this blog can be built in any housing location because of its modern style. Consequently, this unit will rise as a stand-out among houses in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, here are the outstanding features of this model house that makes it an intricate design:

  • open terrace with flooring in grey marble tiles and an extended hip roof
  • distinct square columns in white paint
  • inviting veranda with grey marble tiles accessible through a pair of sliding glass door
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in creamy white paint
  • a pair of wooden doors with intricate patterns and design
  • wall cladding in brown color on top and bottom of the window panels
  • average size of glass window panels in grey aluminum casements on appropriate locations
  • well-defined hip roof assembly with grey tiles
  • space for garden and landscaping

Picture of Modern Bungalow House with Prominent Hip Roof

Exterior and Interior Design

The elegant front exterior displays the prominence of the columns with creamy white shade. The open veranda looks so prominent in grey floor marble tiles with matching grey steel railings. In fact, this is a perfect place for family gatherings, entertainment and relaxation.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House with Prominent Hip Roof

The living spaces sparkle and look so tidy with consistent color of creamy white from flooring, internal walls and ceilings.

Meanwhile, the bedroom design has a spacious interior. It has a functional area for the decoration of a variety of furniture. The space shines in warm shades of creamy white and light grey from floor to ceilings.

Elsewhere, the bathroom wall has an elegant decoration of dark marble stones and patterns that creates dynamic appeal. Additionally, the interior is also furnished with facilities that complete all functions.

On the other hand, the other bathroom also registers an elegant appeal by using brown shades floor marble tiles and light brown wall tiles. The accessories also offer consistency in color with genuine quality.

House Specifications

The design in feature proudly present the following components:

  • front terrace
  • veranda
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms

As can be seen, the architectural details of this modern bungalow house design deliver style. The fixation, assembly and layout shine uniformly in all sections.

Credit to: Arthome

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