Interior Design Ideas: The Beauty of Monochrome

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How Monochrome Works

Room transformation and interior design have always been essential concepts of every home owner as these reflect on who they are. And in room designing or remodeling, the first decision is what color  to use.

Most often than not, color seems to be the hardest choice of all. There exists various types of colors, each of which has a wide range of shades. The paint store may offer a thousand similar but of different preferences. And this is what makes selection a hard task to organize, the color choice and the combination that will deliver perfect match and coordination.

Monochrome simply creates harmony because it’s really all one base color. You have a combining element at the start of the process by selecting a monochromatic color palette. “Monochromatic” means taking one basic color and applying color theory to generate a variety of hues. You can take this  from the range of tones, shades and tints that can be transformed from the original. It is so easy on the eye and a great base to add some splashes of color here and there. In the real world this applies too.

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Experimenting the Use of Monochrome in Interior Design

Monotone color palettes is applicable to a number of reasons aside from its versatility. The popularity of monochrome is not limited to any one type of design. While single-color is widespread in website design right now, it is also a preference of interior designers and for package design. Some benefits of monotone color schemes include:

  1. One color automatically generates a sense of simplicity and harmony.
  2. Single-color can make an impression, especially with a strong or uncommon base color.
  3. It sets the scene for a minimal style that gives content room to shine.
  4. Monotone backgrounds allow contrasting elements room to be seen.
  5. Monotone color schemes provide some accessibility benefits when it comes to users with color blindness.
  6. Using monochrome creates a pleasant, visually organized look.
  7. It can help associate varieties of brands with an explicit, impressive color.
  8. It makes your job as a designer easier and faster; not stressful over matching colors or deliberating if they coordinate.

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To start in the experiment with interior design, the panorama of assembling the entire space together can be formidable.  We have to consider various components like, the floor, walls, furniture, covering plus the arts and decorations. Yet, the principle of using monochrome will guide in deciding and making everything together in a flawless result.

Going into monochrome is becoming a more popular design option as it provides a more consistent look for design. A well-executed monochromatic color scheme can be a creative way to define a brand which offer good attention when properly done. It is a freedom to use any shade or tint of the hue to create something refreshing than a literally single color. Using white and a black in monochromatic color schemes is great as they themselves are not colors. They help you accomplish the numerous tones and shades.

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So why not go into Monochrome?

Monochromatic interior design offers plenty more than just a single shade. Since the shades blend together in the interior, the texture and pattern are the easiest, and often one of the cheapest. This adds value to visual interest. While too many patterns are usually common design, monochrome will let your mixing-and-matching skills run wild. When selecting design elements appropriate to your rooms (living room, bedroom, etc.), be careful in color selection. Ensure that the undertones, or the yellow, green, pink or blue hues that stand out in a color when hit by the light, match. Two design elements with distinct undertones will not look good if arranged beside each other. But, similar undertones can “match”, even when their patterns or textures vary significantly.

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It is wise to imagine the unifying color palette as the base of the room instead rather  than the whole picture. Concentrate on complimenting your main color with a variety of neutrals. Pops of white and black is giving the eye a place to rest from the intensity of the main shade. Use wooden furniture to break up your bedroom or a set of ultra-modern metal chairs to making your dining space really stand out. Provide some coordinating snaps in the whole room for whatever group you choose. They will provide the vital visual interest and will create a room with professional designed feeling.

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Some homeowners think that using single color spaces is too simple to be worthwhile. But, when done correctly, we can attest that they are the essence of elegance and stylishness.

Take a closer look on the samples of monochromatic designs featured above and below. They look so enticing and magnificent, aren’t they?


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Picture of Interior DesignPicture of Interior Design      Monochrome Picture of Interior Design

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