Extremely Sophisticated House Design in a Casual Environment

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Are you in the planning stage of building or buying a new home? Well, going with one which is eco-friendly will be a good choice. Additionally, it will be smart if you opt for a modern design that fits your lifestyle and specific needs. Modern homes being the hot trends nowadays aim to maximize space for better functions. Because of this, we feature this extremely sophisticated house design that looks fabulous with impressive concepts and stands excellent in a casual setting.

This modern home plan will definitely stand out because of its modern look and feel. Apparently, the blend of white and tones engender a peaceful and mesmerizing atmosphere. Specifically, this design in cool colors keeps the exterior inviting and captivating.

Picture of Extremely Sophisticated House in a Casual Environment

Features of Extremely Sophisticated House

This bungalow house is a sensible choice because of the comfort it offers. It features a wraparound balcony with grey-painted steel guardrails. This great space gives the family an additional room for a range of activities the family can possibly use for indoor relaxation.

Picture of Extremely Sophisticated House in a Casual Environment

This house boasts a very gorgeous wall cladding with accents of natural stone elements and crazy cut stones in a grey tone which both secures and beautifies the exterior. Likewise, they bring a unique touch, distinct texture, and extra punch that enhances the character of the external façade. Remarkably, the exterior walls in grey mineral plaster finish shine excellently in tidy and refined workmanship.

Picture of Extremely Sophisticated House in a Casual Environment

Similarly, the wooden battens on the elevation offer an extra punch to the elegance of the façade. The wraparound balcony looks very stylish and graceful with a flat roof in white paint.

Picture of Extremely Sophisticated House in a Casual Environment

Perhaps., the most brilliant features of this design are the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling transparent glass doors and windows that allow to let in a large amount of natural light and air. This concept makes the interior look brighter and feels cozier. The glasses offer an aesthetically appealing exterior and allow the family gets a clear glimpse of the outside panoramic view. Additionally, with glass doors and windows, natural light will be free to stream into your home helping the homeowners feel energized and connected with nature.

Picture of Extremely Sophisticated House in a Casual Environment

Furthermore, another outstanding feature of this contemporary home design is the well-designed roof assembly in a combination of flat and shed roofs. The assembly with grey tiles and fascia board and white ceilings is a true revelation of refined workmanship and elegance.

Picture of Extremely Sophisticated House in a Casual Environment

Interior Design of Extremely Sophisticated House

The elegance of the exterior façade travels to the interior that equally blows with the consistency of design and concepts. If the exterior exudes elegance, the interior, on the other hand, bursts in sophistication. Let us check the internal features.

This contemporary, open-plan living space embraces a modern feel. The beamed ceiling is a nod to the current setting. The living room boasts a pleasant and dynamic appeal using a blend of cream, grey hues with accents of brown and green tones from floor to ceilings including the furniture.

Picture of Extremely Sophisticated House in a Casual Environment

The dining room equally excels in a mix of cream and grey the entire space including the simple furniture.

The concept of consistency extends to the modern kitchen. The grey-colored countertop and white cabinets establish a pleasant appeal with the wall accented by grey tiles.

By the way, the bedrooms also carry similar concepts as the other spaces that gleam excellently in white, cream, grey, and brown shades. The choice of furniture and accessories creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the bathroom is equally graceful in its design and concepts. The grey and brown accent walls add a lush hue to this bathroom’s bright white fixtures and grey mosaic tiles on the floor.

Floor Plan of Extremely Sophisticated House

This design stands in a lot with dimensions 11.5 x 7.5 meters and a usable living space of 83 sq. meters. The floor plan hosts a balcony, terrace, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. This is one house that employs a functional layout.

Overall, in a house with spacious surroundings, comfort will never be an issue.

Image Credit: 3D KH Design

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