Two Storey Contemporary House Plan with Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

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Comfort is a primary concern needed for healthy living. This doesn’t limit to the well-being felt on one side, but the comfort in both the indoor and outdoor living spaces is very significant. If single-storey houses can offer pleasantness, the more that a two storey is capable of offering the same. This two storey contemporary house plan will make it easier for you to create privacy. Because of the bigger footprint, you have lots of space to utilize. In fact, you can create distinctive and private spaces between zones.

Features of Two Storey Contemporary House Plan

The house in feature is ideal for a large lot size and practical for a bigger and growing family. Undeniably, this is a remarkable design with graceful and refined exterior concepts.  A versatile blend of white and grey tones in the elevation lends a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Specifically, the blend of soft shades generates an elegant façade.

Picture of Two Storey Contemporary House Plan with Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Actually, this modern house design is not embellished with eye-catching concepts, but it looks very sophisticated.  Additionally, the design aims to sell simplicity, tidiness, and refinement of the assembly and workmanship that makes this house very impressive.

Let us unfold and get connected with the brilliant characteristics of this contemporary house plan.

  • elevated porch in the ground floor and a balcony in the upper level secured by stainless guardrails
  • well-designed square pillars with accents of natural stones in grey tone
  • wall cladding with accents of natural stone elements in grey shade
  • sliding glass doors and windows allowing cross ventilation that allow the interior to look brighter and feel cozier
  • exposed exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in tidy grey paint
  • open two-car garage with an inviting tiled driveway
  • prominent cross hip roof assembly with grey-colored tegula tiles, white fascia board and grey ceilings
  • outdoor informal diner for quick meals and coffee breaks
  • comfortable outdoor living space with lovely garden and lush landscaping that serves as an extension of the inner spaces for relaxation and other family functions

Overall, the fusion of white and grey shades delivers a cool, versatile, and sophisticated exterior.

Picture of Two Storey Contemporary House Plan with Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Specifications and Floor Plan of Two Storey Contemporary House Plan

This stunning marvel is just as beautiful on the outside as the interior space. This splendid two storey design hosts a porch, balcony, living room, dining area, kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a carport.

Definitely, your family will love this home with an open plan of the living spaces. The living room is accessible from the entry porch through sliding glass doors. Actually, the spacious great room is very comfortable with lots of natural light penetrating through the glass. The ground floor features the living spaces, one bedroom, and one bathroom. The living room settles in front, while the dining room and kitchen occupy the entire right section. Meanwhile, the lone bedroom on the floor sits on the back left corner.


As you continue your journey, you will see the staircase in front of the living room on the way to the upper level. The master’s bedroom with a private ensuite occupies the back section of the layout. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms each occupy the two front corners of the house. By the way, the balcony which is great for viewing the surrounding neighborhood is in front and accessible through glass doors.


The open two-car garage enjoys a comfortable spot on the left corner of the house.

Meanwhile, the outdoor living space looks very cool and inviting with a beautiful garden and lush landscaping that creates a pleasant atmosphere. In fact, this area is perfect for entertaining guests and friends.

Indeed. this contemporary design is very impressive with its aesthetics and comfort.

Image Credit: SK Home

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