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Exclusive Modern Farmhouse with Wooden Elements

Posted by Barrett Drew Maverick on May 24, 2022
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The modern farmhouse is a fresh style that evolved from the classic farmhouse design. A classic farmhouse features the traditional furniture and mix and match the look of other materials. Then, to modernize into a modern farmhouse, you retain the down-home comfort with minimum clutter. Additionally, you integrate into your design modern materials to create a sophisticated simplicity. Get in touch with this exclusive modern farmhouse that explodes in charm with wooden elements.

You are lucky to have this house that focuses on style and function at the same time.  Moreover, this design offers an airy and bright atmosphere that offers coziness to the occupants. The house delivers a striking appeal in a blend of white, brown, and grey tones. Consequently, the color combination lends a contrasting appeal to the green outdoor living space, allowing the unit to stand out.

Picture of Exclusive Modern Farmhouse with Wooden Elements

Features of Exclusive Modern Farmhouse with Wooden Elements

What makes this modern farmhouse stand out? The following features define the charm and elegance of this design:

  • leafy roofs and overhangs with significant eaves providing sunshade to the house
  • raised terrace with brown marble tiles, steel guardrails, and top battens and secured by a flat roof
  • wall cladding with accents of natural wood elements in the front elevation
  • wall cladding accented by veneer stone elements in brown shade in the left elevation
  • frosted glass doors and windows installed on appropriate locations where optimal airflow is achieved
  • exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in a classy white and bluish shades
  • shed roof assembly with white ceilings and brown wooden gable
  • gorgeous carport designed with columns accented by brown-colored stones, top battens and separate shed roof
  • functional internal layout with easy ventilation control
  • spacious green-inspired surroundings with brimming landscaping and lush trees

Picture of Exclusive Modern Farmhouse with Wooden Elements

As can be seen. this design promotes comfort at every space, at every angle. The lush landscaping floods the house with tons of natural air that penetrates inside the building. Equally, the large glass doors and windows transmit lots of natural air and light allowing cross ventilation to make the interior even more pleasant.

Specifications of Exclusive Modern Farmhouse with Wooden Elements

This charming modern home stands in a lot that measures 14.7 x 12.5 meters and yields a livable square footage of approximately 180.0 sq. meters.  A straightforward design, the floor layout hosts a terrace, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a carport.

The inviting frontage and inviting terrace drive you to access the living room through sliding glass doors. You can find the great living spaces on the middle of the plan along the length. On the other hand, the three generous bedrooms border the living spaces at three dedicated corners. The great living room oozes with comfort from the airy surroundings. The master suite with a private ensuite is positioned on the front left corner, while the secondary bedrooms occupy the two corners at the back of the plan. Meanwhile, the carport sits in a comfortable spot on the right side of the house.

The highlight of this design is the spacious outdoor living pace with brimming lush landscaping. In fact, the space can host an outdoor dining for the family and guests.

Indeed, a healthy place to enjoy a tranquil moment.

Image Credit: Dream House 

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