Elevated Single Storey House with Hip Roof

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Single storey house plans always come into a unique style. Discover why this elevated single storey house will be loved by most homeowners. One storey houses gives more flexibility in planning than multi-level homes. This is because of their being more functional in nature. Likewise, one storey houses employ free flowing concepts which enhances mobility and convenience. In fact, modern residences become more popular nowadays because of the features they offer.

In reality, this elevated single storey house with hip roof plan offers the following benefits: efficient space utilization, plenty of light to offer and aesthetically appealing design. Furthermore, this also provides more space for customization and at the same time is environmental-friendly.

Picture of Elevated Single Story House with Hip Roof

Description of Elevated Single Storey House with Hip Roof

The design in feature is a contemporary house plan that stands in a lot that measures 14.2 x 15.3 meters with a livable space of 151.0 m². As can be seen, the house looks simple yet very stylish and magnetic in a dominating brown color. The architectural details are clean which offer a fantastic appeal. The exterior façade shines excellently with a fusion of cream, grey and brown colors.

Picture of Elevated Single Story House with Hip Roof

The residence bursts in an elevated scheme from the natural grade line allowing the unit to stand higher. The wall sized sliding glass door and glass window panels are smart concepts keeping the interior well ventilated. The outer façade as well surges with prominent columns on the porch that adds strength and pride to the unit. Meanwhile, the hip style roofing assembly is also distinct that it can only bring the house to a higher level.

Picture of Elevated Single Story House with Hip Roof

Meanwhile, the exterior walls look prominent with mineral plaster finish in a metallic brown color which registers a magnetic effect. They also have sufficient glass window panels on appropriate locations. These windows are enough to serve as medium in supplying enough air for the ventilation of the interior of the structure.

Floor Plan House Specifications

The plan showcases the rooms to be very functional. The living spaces settle at the right portion while the private zone of three bedrooms occupy the left section of the design. The elevated porch stands great with comfort as it introduces the interior of the house through a sliding glass door.

As can be seen, this elevated single storey house plan  looks stunning and refined. Here are its outstanding features:

  • elevated porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • open garage
  • walkway and driveway
  • garden and landscaping

The highlight of the plan is the well-defined assembly of the roof in a hip style scheme with clay tiles in a sepia brown tone.

Overall,  the outdoor space of this house oozes with more benefits as the space, garden and landscaping offer a healthy living.

Credit to the owner of design: Home Plan 360

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