Comfortable 5 Bedroom Modern House Plan

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How does it feel to experience an extravagant lifestyle? Embrace the captivating impact of this comfortable 5 bedroom modern house plan with amazing exterior design. Currently, designs in residential architecture evolves so fast. The lifestyle and trends visible everywhere validate the level of how far building technologies has advanced. This has also been strengthened by a lot of splendid residences in every corner. In fact, this lovely home with compelling exterior is absolutely astonishing.

House embellishment whether external or internal plays a substantial role in the overall appeal of the house. Definitely, the bigger the house and the more spacious it is will deliver a better character. In fact, the size of the space allows wider range in decorating. More concepts the better will the interior look impressive.

Pinoy House Designs is here again to offer you a design that might inspire you to be your dream house. This time it is a 5 bedroom modern house plan which is very comfortable because of the layout, concept and space. We know that space is a significant factor common to modern designs.

Picture of Comfortable 5 Bedroom Modern House Plan

Description of Comfortable 5 Bedroom Modern House Plan

The house in feature is built in a land that measures 16.5 x 15 meters and stands in a house lot area of 124.0 m². Obviously, with 5 bedrooms this one story house will cater a big family of 6-7 members,

The front façade shines with a smart design combination of materials used, concept, details, colors and fixation. The big-sized glass sliding door and windows are great medium in making the interior fresh and well ventilated. The fusion of white, brown and grey colors exterior façade showcases a house of elegance, pleasantness and comfort. 

Picture of Comfortable 5 Bedroom Modern House Plan

Raised balcony on the left side elevation provides plenty of light and air ventilating one of the bedrooms. The elliptical pillar in grey is very dominant as it defines stability. Obviously, this is one of the highlight elevation of the design.

Picture of Comfortable 5 Bedroom Modern House Plan

 Meanwhile the right and rear elevation has the exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in grey shade.

Picture of Comfortable 5 Bedroom Modern House Plan

Likewise, the left side elevation has the same detail as the other sides. Glass window panels are provided on appropriate locations for ventilation of the inside.

The front porch with steel railing steel railings and balustrades in brown and white is the hallmark of this house. This place being comfortable may serve as a family place for gathering and entertainment.

Picture of Comfortable 5 Bedroom Modern House Plan

The interior of the house and the bedrooms bear the same theme as the exterior façade – painted in soft colors. Consequently, the concept offers a relaxing atmosphere inside.

Elsewhere, the modern kitchen stands proud with tidy white paint accentuated with brown curtains.

On the other hand, the bathroom burst on its own with genuine fixtures and accessories. It is further enhanced by the using dark brown floor tiles and light brown wall tiles.

Floor Plan and Specifications

This house is remarkable with the following specifications:

  • porch and balcony
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • open garage

The floor plan of this house showcases a very functional layout with the private zone surrounding the living spaces.

What more can you ask for a house of comfort and freedom?

Credit to the owner of design: Modern Tage House Design

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