Elegant Bungalow Home Plan with Stunning Architectural Concepts

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When we consider modern living, contemporary house plans highlight a lot of characteristics that homeowners demand. The current requirements include energy efficiency, natural lighting, and private dedicated spaces as well. Open concepts are common in most current designs that cater to a variety of lifestyles and family sizes. Additionally, along with the indoor space, modern homes extend the concepts to the outdoor living environment. Particularly, this elegant bungalow home plan maximizes the living areas but of course taking into account the importance of comfort.

Features of Elegant Bungalow Home Plan

Definitely, the external concepts have a lot to say in identifying its overall appeal. Furthermore, the internal concepts are the reflection of the character and lifestyle of the owner. Explicitly, the featured design showcases a style that precisely defines, distinction, appeal, and elegance. The versatile blend of white, beige, maroon, and grey outstandingly bursts that delivers a striking character.

Picture of Elegant Bungalow Home Plan with Stunning Architectural Concepts

Beginning with utilizing a combination of concrete, steel, stone elements, glass, and tiles, the overall design delivers an inviting and fascinating atmosphere. This design features an elevated verandah, balcony, and a porch that offers lots of outdoor spaces for outdoor relaxation. We can observe the sophistication of the design from the verandah dressed with maroon marble tiles, guardrails, and pillars with accents of natural stones at the middle height. The well-designed carport is equally impressive and charming with similar pillars and a separate flat roof in a white shade.

Furthermore, the grace of the structure can be seen from the refined workmanship of the external walls with mineral plaster finish in a beige hue. Its combined appeal with white tone in the elevation gives an extra punch to its elegance.

As a common integral part of almost every house, the sliding glass doors, and windows in brown tint framed in white ensure that a sufficient amount of natural light and air is supplied to the interior of the house. In fact, they allow cross ventilation to keep the inside at a pleasant level.

Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of this contemporary house plan is the well-designed hip roof with marron tegula tiles and a white dormer. As can be seen, this roof assembly completes the elegance of the house with the materials, color, refinement, and workmanship.

Picture of Elegant Bungalow Home Plan with Stunning Architectural Concepts

Specifications and Floor Plan Elegant Bungalow Home Plan

A modern house with a spacious layout, the design identifies high privacy for every room. The plan designed with well-placed spaces hosts a verandah, balcony and porch, living room, dining area, kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a two-car garage.

The verandah will guide you to the living room with the dining room and kitchen in front of it. If the living spaces occupy the left side of the design, the right portion on the other hand features the private zone of four bedrooms. The master’s bedroom enjoys a private ensuite with complete closet services in the back corner. Elsewhere, two secondary bedrooms are on the front right corner, while the fourth unit is adjacent to the master’s bedroom.

The two-car garage enjoys a private and comfortable spot on the left corner of the house. It looks very inviting with a welcoming driveway.

The lovely trimmed garden and landscaping that offers comfort match the refinement and elegance of the house.

Undoubtedly, the setting, location, and brimming beautiful landscape make this house a perfect choice for every family.

Image Credit: Art Home

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