Buying Property in St Julian’s, Malta

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Whenever you choose to buy a property, you need to make sure that it’s the right one for you. St Julian’s in Malta is a beautiful area with gorgeous architecture and stunning views, so choosing the right location is already half way there – but there’s still a lot you need to know! Here’s a summary of everything you’ll need to be sure of when buying property in St Julian’s, Malta.

Familiarize Yourself with the Location

Like we said, St Julian’s is a beautiful place to live – there’s plenty of scenery to last you for a lifetime. But what’s there, and is it beneficial to you? Where should you be staying? St Julian’s is a good bet for those who like to keep in touch with the world a little easier – it’s fairly urban compared to most of Malta, meaning you’ll still be able to visit shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, bars, schools, theaters, and marinas, so there’s plenty for you to keep yourself busy. St Julian’s is also in a great location for those who like to branch out a little or need to move around for work – it’s connected to both Sliema and Paceville via a long seaside promenade, so you have easy access to other areas of the island. For newcomers, St Julian’s is a great place to settle – when it comes to property in St Julians for sale, there’s a variety of choices from new, modern developments to old townhouses, so you’re sure to find something that fits you well.

Check the Property Matches Your Expectations

Before you set your heart on a property, where possible, check that it meets your needs. Are the rooms a good enough size for you? Do you have enough space for sleeping, eating, and working? If you’re moving with people, are they happy with their own room, too? It’s important to make sure that not only you are happy with the property, but that the people you’re moving with are too, or else you’ll find yourself caught up in arguments or living unhappily. If possible, it’s also worth visiting the property. Pictures can only tell you so much, so scouting out the place itself is a great idea, as well as checking up on a few things. Check if there’s any mold or damp, or even worse, any infestations festering in the building. Most likely there won’t be, but if so, this is something either you can request the seller to fix, or you can search for somewhere better. It’s also worth checking if there’s a good security system in place – at the very least, you’ll want adequate locks on the doors, as well as making sure the doors or windows aren’t cracked or damaged. If there are any extras, like a CCTV system, this is a bonus, and also shows the seller cares about your safety.

Run Over the Finances

It’s important to check you know exactly what you’re signing up for before you make an agreement or sign that contract. The first and most obvious point is, of course, can you afford it? If you’re buying it outright, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem presuming you have the money, but if you’re taking out a payment plan or mortgage, it’s important to make sure you’ll be earning enough money to pay for the property. It’s also important to check, on top of that, whether you’ll be able to pay for the upkeep – heating, electricity, water, gas and other various bills are all things that need considering when buying a property to make sure that you have enough money to keep hold of your property. Also check if there are any other fees outside of the sale and funding of the house – things like agency fees and deposits are very common, and worth asking about to make sure you’re not given a nasty surprise. Finally, before you make your agreement, make sure to read over the contract carefully and keep everything on paper – although it’s unlikely anything will go wrong, it doesn’t hurt to have a safety net if the worst does happen.

With this brief information, buying a property in St Julian’s will be a piece of cake, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and sea of beautiful, culture-rich Malta. Enjoy!

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