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Fireplace Glass Replacement Step-by-Step Guide

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Fireplace glass is an impressive and aesthetic addition in the house. They add to that glare that gives your house a warm and charming environment. While changing or making aesthetic improvements on the house, you could choose to start with the fireplace glass. The small changes or adjustments could revolutionize your entire room. These changes give your house a modern look and match with your current interior design. Some of the fireplace glass doors may not have a clear manual for a replacement. While you may think that changing the glass is a difficult thing to do, here are some easy steps to replace the glass. The process is quite easy, even when you are by yourself. Before replacing the glass, you need to remove the old one carefully and place the new one in its place with extreme care. Here is a step by step fireplace glass replacement guide for replacing fireplace glass.

The essential materials

You only need a few tools for the replacement task. The first item on your list should be a strong head screwdriver. The screwdriver is for unscrewing the old glass and screwing the new glass back. The next part is the pliers. The pliers will help you while detaching the old glass and attaching the new one. Working with glass can also be risky, in case the glass breaks and cuts you. To protect yourself from such damages and the blisters that come when working with tools, use work gloves. The gloves will also keep your hands clean and strengthen your grip while holding the glass. The last but most important thing is the replacement glass. This is the reason you are undertaking all the other processes. Ensure you have the right quality and size of your glass. The size should match your fireplace dimensions to ensure that it fits as a replacement.

Locating the L-brackets

The L-brackets hold the fireplace glass doors in place. While replacing the glass door, first make sure to locate the L-brackets to prevent glass breakage. They are located at the base of the fireplace glass. Open the door and look at them from the inside, in order to see and locate them effectively. The essence of the process is to understand how the brackets have supported the glass, to avoid any mess and make the process simpler. Most of the glasses have two brackets, one supports the glass from the top while the other supports it from the bottom.

Detach the Brackets and Detach the Clamps

Most designers use Philips and flat-headed screws to attach the glass doors to the brackets. Depending on the type of screws used, make sure that you find an appropriate screwdriver. Using your screwdriver, unscrew the screws from each of the brackets. You should be careful in this process. The glass can slip off and break. To avoid such damages, ensure that you support the glass carefully while unscrewing the screws. Again, these screws could help you in the future. It would save you money to keep the screws carefully for future use. The clamps on the fireplace door’s top are the only things holding them now. The next part is detaching the clamp. Once you have unscrewed the screws, use the pliers to detach the clamp. You can use your fingers to unscrew the screws when they are loose enough. Grab the door carefully, and slowly remove the glass. Again, you must ensure that you have a careful grip on the door to prevent the glass from falling. While detaching these items, pay attention to the brackets and clamps, how they had been attached. It will help you with reattaching the new glass.

Remove the Door

Once you have completely unscrewed and detached the door, remove it from the area. You must follow this step with utmost caution. You may decide to use the glass in the future. As such, ensure that you do not break the glass or the other parts of the fireplace in the process. Thus, move the glass door carefully to a safe place, away from the fireplace, try to avoid breaking it while attaching the new door or glass.

Replacing the Old Door

Once you are done removing the old glass, it is time to replace it with the new glass of your choice. It is better to check the best glass types that apply to your interior design theme to avoid repeating the same process repeatedly. Sometimes you can choose a clear glass to give you that clean, luminous environment. Other times you may choose to use frosted glass to give it a classy translucent look. Once you have decided on the best glass type, start replacing the glass. Align everything with the clamp and the L-brackets. This is a little hard because you will need to balance everything perfectly for an accurate fit. Thus, be patient with these doors because they have a very small error margin. After aligning them perfectly, the next step is to screw them back.

Attaching and Screwing the New Glass Together

When unscrewing the old glass, you notice the alignment and how the screws were screwed in. Use the same knowledge now to screw the new glass together. At this point, it is better to call a friend to help you in the process. The friend holds the glass in alignment while you reattach and screw everything back. The first screw will be the hardest part. Once you have already screwed the first, it will be easier to screw the remaining screws. It provides support. If you are doing this by yourself, you can use one hand to hold the glass in place while you insert and screw everything together. Once you have finished the process, it is good to double check the whole process. Check whether the new glass goes along with the interior theme. Also, check the security of the glass panes and if they are aligned well with clamps and L-brackets. If everything looks good, then you can use your newly replaced fireplace glass.

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