Bright Modern Home Design with Shed Roof

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Generally, single storey homes stand to hold broader market appeal because of their accessibility advantages. Likewise, from a safety perspective, bungalow houses are best for children, the elderly, and retirees. Single floor and modern design are great trends of this generation especially those that maintain a balance between design, structural efficiency, and overall aesthetic value. We feature this bright modern home design built in a beautiful location and comfortable setting.

Probably, one of the best designs to stand in any housing location, this house is unique and functional. The house in a fusion of contrasting colors of blue and brown create a striking atmosphere. Likewise, this design in warm colors lends a dynamic and interesting character.

Picture of Bright Modern Home Design with Shed Roof

Features of Bright Modern Home Design

The featured design features an elevated terrace with brown tiles and is secured by black steel guardrails and a flat roof. The space also looks charming with a column accented by natural stones in brown color on the middle height.

For homebuyers who are not avid fans of a mix of white and grey shades, this design with a blend of warm colors might be the one to win your hearts. The exterior façade is embellished with a wall cladding accented by natural stacked stones in brown color designed between windows. Likewise, the beauty of the façade is enhanced by accentuating the window areas with wooden panels. Both the natural stone elements and wooden panels deliver an extra punch to the character of the house.

Picture of Bright Modern Home Design with Shed Roof

Aside from the comfort that the surroundings offer to the inner space, the house looks brighter and feels cozier with translucent glass doors and windows. In fact, the glass material allows cross-ventilation that makes the interior at a pleasant level.

Meanwhile, it shows that the shed roof assembly is the perfect style to encase the house from outdoor forces. Actually, the roof with grey roofing sheets and brown wooden gable gives the house a graceful assembly.

Perhaps, one remarkable aspect that allows this design to stand out is the tidy exterior walls in a blue mineral plaster finish. The product is a refined and charming modern design.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Bright Modern Home Design

This modern design has a lot dimension of 9.0 x 8.5 meters and yields a usable space of 77.0 sq. meters. The floor plan hosts a terrace, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms arranged in a smart layout.

You can access the living room from the terrace through glass doors. An average size floor plan, the living spaces occupy the right side of an open concept. On the other hand, the left section hosts two bedrooms and a bathroom in between them. The second bathroom that serves the entire family sits beside the kitchen.

Overall, the design might not be that big, but it offers all the amenities of a house. With a lovely garden and landscaping, comfort will not be an issue.

Hope you like this house.

Image Credit: Dream House

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