Types Of Garages and Why They’re Beneficial To Your Needs

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You live in a house situated at the center of a street. This has been your residence for years, and now that you’ve purchased a brand new car, you think it’s time that you put this land to good use. You’re actually thinking of building a garage. You believe this can be very beneficial to you for a variety of reasons – first, your property’s value can increase with a garage, second, you’re investing into something which you and your family can use long-term and lastly, you’ll be able to take care of your car. And while you might have that sorted out, you still don’t know what type of garage to build on your property. With the number of designs available for garages, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you.

A garage can be useful for many different reasons. Regardless of how you’re planning to use it, there’s always a garage type which is perfect for your needs. To help you come up with a sound decision, here are some of the garage types you may consider:

  • Attached garage: This is one of the most common types of garages. If you’re living in an area which is either too cold or too warm, this is a garage type perfect for you. As the name suggests, this garage is attached to your home which means that you no longer have to go out just to get your vehicle. An attached garage usually has a door fixed on its wall which provides access to the house.
  • Detached garage: Unlike attached garages, a detached garage will require you to walk several feet away from you home. This type of garage is a separate building and can be built either on the side or the back of your home. One good thing about a detached garage is that you can have one which is spacious enough to park your vehicles while giving you extra storage space. It’s not dependent on how big or small your house is.
  • Carports: If you’re planning to use your garage solely for your car, a carport can be an excellent choice. A carport is a covered or sheltered structure and unlike typical garages, it only has one or two walls instead of four. Carports are usually used in order to protect vehicles from different elements such as rain, sand, dust and storm. You can have a carport which is either attached or separate from your house. But since a carport only has two walls (maximum), this structure can’t be locked. This can become an issue to the safety of your vehicles and other belongings. On the other side of the coin, a carport can create better ventilation compared to garages.
  • RV garage: If you own an RV, your garage should be apt for its size. This is a vehicle which is taller, wider and longer than usual automobiles. For your RV, you need an RV garage. With its high ceilings and wider bays, this garage type is perfect for your RV! An RV garage is built with more space and provide proper protection – because an RV is an expensive investment, right? If this type of garage is appealing to you, you should make sure that you have enough land space for it.
  • Garage workshops: Your garage shouldn’t just be about your vehicle. If you like, you can include a workshop inside it. This can be your area where you maintain and repair various vehicles. You can also use this as a storage area for your tools needed for your vehicle’s repair and maintenance.
  • Garages with living quarters: This type of garage can provide comfort not only to your vehicles, but to other people as well. This garage offers parking space for more than one vehicle in the main floor and has a living quarter on the second floor. You’ll have another room where friends and family can stay if needed. A garage with living quarters is not only very unique but is also very affordable and an efficient way of using your extra space.

Regardless of what type of garage you choose to have, you’ll need to purchase a garage door for it. If you’re looking for cheap yet elegant garage doors, buy Costco doors.

Take Your Pick

Before you start thinking about your garage’s interior paint and what appliances to add, you should think about what type of garage to have. And no, don’t just pick one type because other neighbors are using it – you should pick a garage type because you think it’s apt for your needs. Use the information from this article to guide you, and for sure, the garage you choose will serve you well!

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