Two Story Contemporary House Design

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Here is another inspiration for you, a two story contemporary house design with 4 bedrooms, 3 toilet and bath and 1-car garage. Looking at the ground floor layout, the receiving area is having a wide door entrance which helps in ventilating the room for more light and air. below the stair is a common toilet and bath serving the whole of the ground floor.

While on the garage, you have an option to enter the house from the main entrance or going to the dining area directly from a 2 stepped lanai or garden. The Dining area and Kitchen is combined with an L-shaped counter finished with granite tiles.

The dining area is also a place where you can relax a bit since the wall has a flat screen television, while waiting for a nice meal. Dining table can accommodate at least 7 hungry stomach.


Still on the ground floor is a spacious bedroom which can serve also as a guest room. With flat television on the wall, this is like a hotel room where you can relax if you are a visitor in this house. It is also provided with a small office or a dresser maybe, built-in cabinet on the right side wall and low cabinets on the left wall. Although it has no en-suite bathroom, this will still be a comfortable situation since the people living in this house are only family members.

On the part of the dining and kitchen, the surrounding is provided with a pathway of cement tiles on pea gravel or Bermuda grass as a substitute making it more elegant path going to the kitchen. At the back can also serve as a laundry area or service if you require one.
two story contemporary house design second floor

The second floor consists of the 2 or 3 bedrooms, bathrooms and a terrace. I mentioned 2 or 3 bedrooms because the family room can also re-purposed as a guest room or another bedroom if you are needing more room to sleep. The master’s bedroom is found at the front, a very  good location where the landlord can open a ribbon glass door in a small terrace to view the front of the house. With a king size bed for couples, an en-suite bathroom is available with walk-in closet in the entrance.

The open terrace is located at the rear and serve as a place for relaxation during a sleepless night. A place to go before going to bed. A common toilet and bath is also beside the terrace and bedroom for easy access.

Two story contemporary house design is an inspiration and serve as reference for those who want to build their future house one day. The design is near to a Filipino touch as you can sea in the floor plans and can be modified to serve its purpose.



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