Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for Showing

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The housing market can be very difficult if you are selling, especially if interest rates are high. People find it harder to borrow money to make a property purchase, so buyer numbers can reduce. This means that your house has to be special, if you want to be able to secure a sale, at a good price.

This is why you need to think carefully when you are preparing your home for showing. You need to appeal to the emotions of potential buyers; make them feel as though they must have your property. Remember that this applies to the entire property, inside and outside the home. Pay attention to details and take your time. It’s better to prepare properly than to rush into a sale and struggle to achieve the right price.

Do not list your home immediately

Listing your home immediately means that you need to be prepared for showings straight away. This puts pressure on you and means that you may not be ready in time for the first showings. Plan ahead and set yourself deadline for when you are going to list your property. Make the deadline realistic but do not allow yourself too much time as you need to stay motivated.

Clear out the clutter

You may not think of yourself as a hoarder but most of us keep things that we do not actually use or need. Moving home is a good opportunity to get rid of these things anyway and it makes your home far more enticing to prospective buyers. De-cluttering is not as difficult as you might think; you just need to be ruthless when deciding what to keep. Mark boxes for items to keep, to throw away, to donate to charity, to recycle and to sell. Then pick a room to start with and get going.

Spruce up the décor

Unless your home has recently been decorated, it could probably do with a splash of paint. You can do this work yourself, if you give yourself enough time. Remember to use neutral colors as they have the widest appeal. If painting every room  is too much of a big job, make a special effort in rooms where a bright and clean environment is likely to make the most impact, such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Make the most of natural light

A property looks best if there is plenty of natural light getting in. Make sure that blinds and drapes are open and remove items from window ledges. This helps to create a bright, airy and uncluttered feel to the interior of your home.

Do not forget your outside space

It’s not just the interior of your home that needs to be prepared for showing. The outside space is important too. Take a walk around your yard and make sure that debris is cleared, the lawn is mow and tidy, bushes and shrubs are pruned and any damage to the fence is repaired. If you think an extra splash of color is needed, invest in a couple of containers and fill them with flowering plants.

These tips can help you prepare your home for showing and give you the best chance of selling at a good price. Good luck with your move.

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