The Top 5 Ways To Advertise Your Services At a Trade Show

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Many people would argue that trade shows are an outdated method of marketing your services. This is due to the fact that the internet has transformed the whole world into a tiny village. Regardless of advancements in technology, trade shows are still an efficient marketing tool. This is because they present an opportunity for consumers to know about new brands and the people behind it. In fact, a trade show serves as an open event that enables your business to get feedback from customers regarding the services that you offer. However, going to a trade show doesn’t guarantee that you will attract new leads automatically due to the fact that you will be competing for visitors’ attention with your business rivals. Here are a few tips that can help you to maximize your marketing potential after pitching a tent at a trade show.

  1. Select a Strategic Location

Trade shows are usually held on vast grounds to allow many companies to participate. The location where your stand is erected can work in your brand’s favor or against it. You must therefore select an area that you are sure everyone will see you when entering or exiting the trade show event. Although your stand will not attract every visitor, it will increase chances of being spotted. If possible, you should make sure you get a space in the first few strands within the show ground. This is because there are visitors who will not have the time to go further into the facility especially when there are many participants. Remember, trade show stands are allocated on first come first serve basis. This means you have to book for a stand early.

  1. Put Banners and Posters

Banners and posters are very useful when you want to reach out to many people. Before the trade show starts, you should make sure that your banners and posters are put in places where they can be spotted from a distance. The posters and banners should summarize on the services that you offer and include your company’s contact details such as email address, website and telephone number.

  1. Offer Free Services

Free gifts help in promoting a business beyond the boundaries of a trade fair. This is because those who will get them will tell their friends about your company and even if they don’t, other people will notice what you do after seeing the branded promotional materials such as t-shirts and caps. As a business that offers services, you can only give certain services for free. For instance, if you are a dentist with a private clinic, you can give your visitors free dental checkup. Since you will not only target your existing customers, you should be ready to serve many people, majority of them being potential customers. If you offer them an outstanding service, they will automatically become your customers in the near future. This means you have to invest in trade show furniture, sound and display systems like those that are available at

  1. Make your Sales Team Wear Branded Uniform

A branded uniform or outfit makes your sales team to look more professional and approachable. Since there might be many people at your booth, the visitors will not know whom to approach when they have a burning question concerning the services that are provided by your business. Besides that, potential customers feel confident when talking with uniformed staff because they confident that they are being assisted by the right people that have an in depth knowledge in the services that they need.

  1. Social Media

Although trade shows take you way back to the days when things such as internet were unheard off, they can still be integrated with technology. Since it’s obvious your business has dedicated profiles in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you can create a buzz about the forthcoming trade show and invite your followers to come and get free goodies. Such news will spread like bush fire.

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