Stunning Modern House Design

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A modern house design utilizes the most effective use of space. The plan can either be an open floor plan or a highly privacy layout of rooms. Likewise, both layouts could deliver a friendly environment with strong connection. However, the foremost concern is to have a unit that will look like a contemporary home plan that creates a balance of style and function.

This article features a modern house design showcasing a layout of friendly rooms as well as high ceiling built in a green environment which is energy efficient. In fact, as a hot trend in today’s architecture concepts, this type of house plan enriches the sense of space for open and airy feeling. It also compromises a stress-free and satisfied living every day in the most casual way.

A single level house, this three bedroom residential house has a building dimension of 19.10 x 17.90 meters. The usable space is 162.0 sq. meters that includes the carport. Built in green environment, the house feels like a vacation home or retreat house which also offers lots of benefits. Consequently, the characteristics of this stunning modern house design will allow the family of 3-4 members to feel the values of comfort.

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

A striking residence, the design includes these remarkable elements such as: small front porch, foyer, hallway living room, dining room, kitchen and pantry, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, dressing room, boiler / electrical room, rear terrace and two-car garage. One bright highlight of this design is the compressed layout that maximizes the space projecting a friendly internal environment.


Characteristics and Features of Stunning Modern House Design

The house in feature is an elegant minimalist with gable roof and two-car garage which registers a striking exterior façade. It stands in a green surrounding that promotes green building and healthy living. Additionally, a great advantage of the project is the clear division of day and night zones, which guarantees a considerable level of privacy and freedom for household members.

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

The outstanding features of this stunning modern house design are:

  • comfortable and inviting rear terrace, which from summer to winter takes over the function of a living room and a cozy outdoor dining area.
  • open and free flowing floor plan for the living spaces
  • relaxed living and dining rooms both with a pair of sliding glass doors to the outside; for which plenty of natural air and light are available to ventilate the inside
  • modern U-shaped kitchen with a wonderful butler’s pantry
  • three bedrooms accessorized by individual walk-in-robes and a common full bath with double shower and garden tub
  • wall sized glass doors that offers sufficient light and air to the building’s interior
  • external walls with contrasting combination of dark tiles and mineral finished cream façade supplemented by veneer and wooden elements
  • gable type of grey clay tiles with wooden fascia board in brown color
  • spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • beautifully designed walkway and landscaping which supports a green building
  • inviting driveway and double lock-up garage with remote sectional door

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

Floor Plan of Stunning Modern House Design

A compressed but friendly house plan, the terrace features a front porch leading to the foyer with a dressing room right after it to the left. The hallway connects to the open layout of the living spaces, with the dining situated between the living room and kitchen. With wall-sized glass doors in the living and dining rooms, plenty of air and light penetrates to ventilate the interior. The living also connects to the rear terrace which makes a more comfortable ambience.

As it supports green living, the dining room is also very relaxed with a pair of sliding glass doors provided to create a direct access to the outside. The U-shaped kitchen which stays beside the dining room is supported by a wonderful butler’s pantry. The left section of this modern house design also features a toilet sitting beside the dressing room.

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

Meanwhile, the right portion of the plan places the sleeping zone of three bedrooms, which are arranged in a triangle. The master’s bedroom sits beside the hallway, while the secondary rooms occupy the right corner at the back. Every bedroom has individual walk-in –closets, while they share a common full bath with double shower and garden tub. For convenience and accessibility, the bath is planned between the bedrooms.

On the other hand, the two-car garage with remote sectional door finds its place comfortably on the front right corner of the house. The beautiful and spacious landscaping looks very relaxed and inviting which will offer comfort all year long.

Elevations of Stunnig Modern Home Design

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

Front Elevation

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

Right Side Elevation

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

Left Side Elevation

Picture of Stunning Modern House Design

Rear Side Elevation


To sum up, this stunning modern house design is a signature of style, aesthetics as well as functionality.

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