Spellbinding Modern Country Residential House

Picture of Spellbinding Modern Country Residential House
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Discover something new and different from an inspiring home. This spellbinding modern country residential house will be a great concept for you. Everybody deserves happiness. In fact, real happiness and comfort can be felt in our home because your home is the place where your heart stays.  It is a known fact that for every individual, some places mean so momentous. But for most people, home is considered to be the most significant place.

Actually, a house is a nest where limitless memories were built and shared. Definitely, this single story two bedroom residential house is one that will offer lots of recollections. The reminiscences will be worth and valuable especially when shared with your loved ones in one contented house. In fact, there are plenty of houses standing around because they are basically everywhere.

But, it is hard to find one that will be appropriate to your status, lifestyle, preferences and budget in one. Of course, there are lots of choices. It could be an apartment, a condominium, townhouse or house and lot, where each type exists with individual benefits and weaknesses. To sum up, this spellbinding modern country residential house has the characteristics of what a family desires.

Picture of Spellbinding Modern Country Residential House

Description of Spellbinding Modern Country Residential House

It is everybody’s perception that a house provides the real privacy, independence and freedom. Built in a cozy environment, this home promotes green living. This fascinating residence has a design that features up-to-date architectural taste and appeal of a modern country home. A design with green building concept, this spellbinding modern country residential house defines the norm of a home with grace as well as tasteful design.

A modern country house, it blasts with personality and also offers an energetic and energy efficient home for the whole family. The design bursts with a striking architecture from exterior to interior. The smart usage of space makes this home a family’s pleasure.

The design featured in this article displays a framework of friendly rooms and high ceiling. In fact, it stands in a green environment which is eco-friendly. This type of house plan also enriches the sense of space for visible and airy feeling. Furthermore, it offers a tranquil and satisfied living every day in the most spontaneous way. The size is good enough for 3-4 family members.

Features of Spellbinding Modern Country Residential House

An affordable design, it offers a plan living and optimal use of space.

Key features of spellbinding modern country residential house:

  • proposed future porch/terrace
  • comfortable open and free flowing plan for the living and dining rooms filled with natural air and light through the windows
  • an array of glass windows with aluminum frames in cream color
  • external walls in cream colored mineral plaster finish
  • posts and columns in dark brown color
  • hip roof type with clay tiles in dark brown shade
  • open carport at the right side of the plan
  • inviting road pavement and spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • attractive landscaping and access to nature which offer good natural energy and promotes a green environment

This spellbinding modern country residential house is a unit that provides all basic necessities in life.  Indeed, the design promotes a green and healthy living considering the location, design and environment.



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