Small One-Storey Modern House with Stylish Exterior Concepts

Contemporary house designs continue to stamp their status as the most sought-after choices of many homeowners. In fact, their styles are versatile because of their freedom to bring fresh concepts to the table. Moreover, they involve freestyle designs and the privilege to incorporate your lifestyle and preferences. Furthermore, these types to all plan sizes like this small one-storey modern house that shiners with aesthetically pleasing architectural concepts.

Picture of Small One-Storey Modern House with Stylish Architectural Concepts

Features of a Small One-Storey Modern House

The good thing about a modern home plan is that it is easy to modify since there are no rules to follow.  Unquestionably, despite its small size, this house bursts with artistic exterior concepts of a modern touch. It is wrapped up with a fusion of creamy white, grey, and brown hues in the elevation that lends an exceptional and striking appeal.

Picture of Small One-Storey Modern House with Stylish Architectural Concepts

Likewise, this design blazes exceptionally in a blend of cool and warm tones creating an interesting exterior. The following remarkable features heighten its character and aesthetic appeal:

  • elevated terrace dressed with marble tiles that serve as an entryway to access the inner spaces
  • balcony designed with marble stones and secured by steel guardrails, which is accessible from the bedroom through sliding glass doors
  • clad wall embellished with natural wood in the balcony and garage
  • large translucent glass doors and windows in dark grey frame the elevation and offer a great panoramic view of the outdoor living
  • layers of well-designed shed roofs sloping to the back with grey roofing materials, brown wooden ceilings, and grey gable
  • exposed exterior walls with a light grey mineral plaster finish
  • sunken carport designed with a vent wall and a flat roof
  • gorgeous wooden ceilings and lights that illuminate the space at nighttime that ruins along the entire front elevation
  • cozy outdoor living space with a lovely garden, and shady lush trees in the background that bring comfort to both spaces

The tasteful glass elements of this house are simply stunning! Equally, the well-designed roof assembly and the spotless exterior walls in a light grey finish exude class and elegance.

Picture of Small One-Storey Modern House with Stylish Architectural Concepts

Specifications of a Small One-Storey Modern House

This modern design boasts pleasantness with a comfortable inner space and outdoor spaces.  It stands in a lot which gives a usable space of 60.0  sq. meters only. The layout spreads to a terrace, balcony, living room, dining room, and kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and garage.

Comfort and style are the gifts of this home design. The elevations are enveloped with glass elements that add some aesthetic sense and comfort as well. Likewise, the cozy outdoor living space also showers the interior with lots of natural air that makes the space comfier.

Perched in a green setting, the outdoor space is an ideal spot to soak up the sun and relax in the charms of nature. Similarly, providing tables and chairs will be best for outdoor dining and coffee breaks, especially at night.

Image Credit: Naibann

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