Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

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Enjoy the characteristics of a well-designed house. Experience the real comfort of the pulsating three bedroom bungalow house. In fact, it is ready to offer you the true essence of freedom and privacy. Furthermore, this single story house standing in a green environment is eco-friendly and also promotes green living.

Modern bungalow house designs utilize the most effective use of space. It can be an open floor plan or a highly privacy layout of rooms. Nevertheless, the main concern is to look like a contemporary home plan that generates a blend of style and function.

Living in a space of art that also materializes to be an ultimately functional home is an experience of ownership which is satisfying. The elements of your house are to be arranged to look good and at the same time proportioned. It also has to feel good and to wrap around your lifestyle like something you have not experienced before. In other words, it has to be something of new dimension for a home that defines satisfaction and function.

Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Description of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

This gorgeous residence is a single story plan that stands in a building space of 116.74 sq. meters with up-to-date architectural taste as well as appeal. A design with green building concept, it redefines the norm of a home with grace as well as tasteful design. This house explodes with character and also offers a lively and energy efficient home for the entire family.

A beautiful plan with floor dimension of 17.40 meters frontage and 12.70 meters length, this rectangular plan has a building space of 210.0 sq. meters. The design also bursts with an impressive architecture from exterior façade to interior layout. With smart usage of space, this pulsating three bedroom bungalow house makes this home a family’s delight.

The featured model house design is harmonious blend of classic elegance with functional comfort.  It showcases an outline of friendly rooms with high ceiling built in a green environment which is also energy efficient. This type of residence enhances the sense of space for exposed and airy feeling. It also promotes a relaxed and comfortable living every day in the most spontaneous way. The size is a convenient home for 4-5 family members.

Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Features of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

A single story of three bedrooms, this residential house explodes with irresistible appeal for the family in order to feel the values of comfort. The outstanding features of this house are: the porch, living room, dining room, terrace, windmill, kitchen and pantry, three bedrooms, T&B, toilet, electrical room, storage and carport.

The key features of this pulsating three bedroom bungalow house are:

  • elevated and comfortable open porch
  • comfortable roof over the entrance to the building as a wind cover
  • relaxed terrace at the rear side filled with abundant supply of natural air light
  • flexible, well-ventilated and comfortable living and dining rooms with a pair of sliding glass door
  • modern L-shaped kitchen with a wonderful pantry
  • large glazing from the garden and dining room
  • three bedrooms with individual functional built-in wardrobes and a common T&B
  • windmill at the front elevation
  • external walls made of two layered bricks and plaster finish in cream color
  • hip styled roof out of ceramic tiles in brown color
  • spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • beautiful landscaping and access to nature which also promotes a green environment
  • enclosed two-car garage thermally separated from the heated part of the building
Floor Plan of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

An awesome floor plan, an open porch leads to the windmill, hallway and main door. An open and free flowing plan sees the dining room and the living room with a combined space of 33.02 sq. meters. At the left of the hallway is the kitchen and the wonderful pantry beside the dining room.

The right section of the plan features the sleeping zone with the master’s suite sitting in the right front corner. The other bedrooms sit beside each other which occupy the space at the back. The master’s bedroom is equipped with a double vanity ensuite, double shower and built-in wardrobes. On the other hand, the other bedrooms are also furnished by individual walk-in-closets. All bedrooms share a common toilet and bath located between them.

The terrace at the back sits comfortably supplying sufficient natural air and light to the living and dining rooms. This is accessible from the living room through sliding glass doors. Meanwhile, the carport owns the right corner of the front elevation.


Elevations of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Front Elevation

Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Left Side Elevation

Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Rear Elevation

Picture of Pulsating Three Bedroom Bungalow House

Right Side Elevation


To sum up, this pulsating three bedroom bungalow house a signature of style as well as functionality apart from being an eco-friendly home that promotes green living.

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