Modern One-Storey House Plan with Shed Roof

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Sometimes in our lives, we want to breathe fresh or clean air. A place where we can spend some space for freedom and privacy. Or a place to dwell in to escape from the noisy sounds of the metropolis. This modern one-storey house plan with shed roof is a perfect suggestion. If you are looking for a comfortable home for vacation purposes, then you have to consider the type of house and location.

The unit will best suit in a rural community or a garden lot with the purpose of enjoying the most of a healthy environment. In fact, either buying, renting or building your own house like this house will not only bring you family-related benefits, but also abundant supply of wind farm related perks.

Picture of Modern One-Storey House Plan with Shed Roof

The benefits include the following: Firstly, the house plan allows you to enjoy the serenity of nature, breathe fresh air and improves your mental and physical health. Secondly, physical health is highly protected because pollution is lower and the risk of getting sick is low. Thirdly, safety level is high because you are in a place away from violence and crime related activities in the cities.

Features of of Modern One-Storey House Plan with Shed Roof

This modern one-storey house plan has a beautiful design. With a gentle and warm tone outer details this has become more and more popular for a family longing for comfort. The features include the following:

  • elevated scheme with three steps from natural grade line
  • open porch
  • exterior wall with cement mix and bricks of brown shade
  • living room
  • dining and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • front lawn with square footpath
  • garden and landscaping

Picture of Modern One-Storey House Plan with Shed Roof

Description of Modern One Storey House Plan with Shed Roof

The house in feature stands in 129.0 m² floor area in the center of a farm land or garden lot. The entire building is designed with a cement mixture exterior wall and brown bricks which undoubtedly shines. Furthermore, it is secured by a framed glass door and glass window panels on appropriate locations which are of enough sizes to ventilate the interior of the house. The house simply shines with a shed roof.

The floor plan layout offers a high level of privacy. As can be seen, the layout defines a spacious, open terrace on three sides of the house which is best for relaxation and entertainment activities. The living room is accessible through a framed glass door and the dining / kitchen is directly in front. Meanwhile, the large master’s bedroom situates at the center of the plan with its own bathroom. On the other hand, the secondary bedroom stays on the left corner.

Indeed, this modern one-storey house will be perfect for a healthy living because of its outstanding features.

Image Credit: Thaidrawing

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