Picture of Modern Indian House Design

Modern Indian House Design with Floor Plans

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The increasing population requires an upturn in shelter demands and consequently, results to higher volume of lots needed to construct the housing projects. In effect, this has resulted to the selling and conversion of most agricultural lands to subdivision developments to support the essentials. For this reason, the growing necessities has and will tremendously affect the cost of buying raw lands. Henceforth, the cost of developing and raw land conversion to subdivision lots will mean higher value of house and lot when sold.  The consumers will bear all the consequences. But then, to uplift the demands, developers subdivided the lots into smaller areas to accommodate more buyers. Thereupon, appropriate plans are available for construction just like this modern Indian house design which was catered for small and narrow lands.

Picture of Modern Indian House Design


In particular, vertical construction is the solution  to enhance the structure allotted to average or smaller lot areas. The area can be used twice or trice maximizing the floor area. Generally speaking, the rooms might not be as comfortable as bigger spaces, but what matters most is the convenience of having a house you can call your own. What is it to dream a luxury home if you are financially unstable? Overall, affordability and capacity define the name of the game.

Modern Indian House Design Specifications

This modern Indian house design is a plan drafted to serve multiple functions. The plan has three floors, the basement, ground floor and the first floor. The basement is usable to be a function hall, gym and fitness recreation room or venue for various events and social gatherings. The ground floor serves as the owner’s home while the first floor are apartments for rental purposes. To sum up, the owner spends and earns at the same time, so the decision to go for this set-up is a smart choice.

The Floor Plans

Picture of modern Indian house design


Picture of modern Indian house design


Picture of modern Indian House design


Plan sizes:

Note: Lot and floor areas are approximate sizes.

Lot area:                      160 m²

Basement:                  76 m²

Ground floor:             110 m²

First Floor:                  114 m²

Total floor area:         300 m²


Basement:        Hall

Ground Floor:  Porch, living room, dining/Kitchen, 2 bedrooms, T&B, garage, laundry

First Floor:      2 units of apartment

2 bedrooms, 2 dining/kitchen, 2 T&B, 3 balconies, 1 terrace

Living in small houses gives us the privilege to adapt to being creative and flexible. Living small allows us to identify what important things we really need. We learn to establish a boundary between what we need and what we want in life.

This house justified the use of smart options and decisions.

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