Flamboyant Single Story Contemporary House

Picture of Flamboyant Single Story Contemporary House
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What made houses popular in the present trend of residential architecture? Provided that financial aspect is not a problem, style and functionality make a house a hot trend. Space utilization as the trade mark of modern houses nowadays, sells like hot cakes in today’s demand of housing everywhere. The featured model in a flamboyant single story contemporary house represents the house most people wants to have.

It is a known fact that a home is the most popular, and will be the most lasting of all earthly building because it is where your heart lives. Equally, there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Certainly, you will experience the factual spirit of living with this flamboyant single story contemporary house. This captivating residential house is full of character to offer you security and comfort.

Contemporary residential architecture has evolved in full circle. The progress and development of designs showcased by modern buildings has advanced enormously. The manifestations of the development of architecture are distributed everywhere. Amazing structures and creations of smart minds burst with pride. In fact, there are plenty of incredible architectures standing in almost every section of the world; which are classified as genuine images of the new generation.

Picture of Flamboyant Single Story Contemporary House

Concepts of Flamboyant Single Story Contemporary House

Newly constructed buildings are designed which are significantly different from common houses built years ago. Open and free flowing plans and layouts of the present architecture, are the trends and most popular. This is because of the fact that these designs allow family members and friends to engage in casual conversations over an airy and spacious relaxed zone.

Furthermore, new modern and contemporary residences provides various options for seating in the spacious living room, which can be relaxing and comforting. Similarly, the other advantage of an open and free flowing layout is the overall control of the space of the house. In other words, no partitions, every corner of the house is visible.

Residential architecture has everything for all families. In fact, there is a particular model and design that suits every family of various income levels. Likewise, a design is available for any type of lot and locations. Simple houses to luxury and lavish concepts are ready anytime, anywhere. It is just a concern of the capability to own one unit which fit your qualifications, character and lifestyle.

Description and Features of Flamboyant Single Story Contemporary House

The exterior façade of the house sets the tone of the interior of the house. Regardless of the type, the exterior brings an initial statement and image. The outside façade says plenty about the home’s character; and therefore reveal a sense of choice.  The design consistency will feature the inner concept an extension on how the outside façade behaves.

The flamboyant single story contemporary house featured in this article, showcases the characteristic of a modern house. A single story modern style house with two bedrooms, it offers simplicity but elegant appeal. The front façade of this modern residence has much personality considering the overall design concept. The building façade displays a clean and refined finish and very geometric in look.

The outstanding features of this flamboyant single story contemporary house are:

  • elevated and airy small front porch; filed with plenty of natural air and light
  • inviting driveway and one car garage supported by rectangular columns defining strength and authority
  • an array of large glass windows with cream colored aluminum frames which is smart concept for inner ventilation
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in flesh and cream colors
  • combination of hip and gable roofs with average pitch , made of light brown clay tiles
  • spacious outside open area for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • beautiful landscaping and access to nature which promotes a green environment

To sum up, this flamboyant single story contemporary house stands and represents a home that defines simplicity and elegance.




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