Engrossing and Refined Modern Bungalow House

Picture of Engrossing and Refined Modern Bungalow House
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There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Feel the real well being in this engrossing and refined modern bungalow house. The fact stays that home is the most prevalent, and will be the most lasting of all earthly building because it is where your heart lives. Definitely, you will experience the true essence of living with an affordable house and ready to offer you security and comfort.

Modern architecture has gone in a full circle. As a matter of fact, the designs have developed tremendously. Amazing creations of smart minds are in a limitless field. In fact, there are lots of astounding architectures standing in every corner of the community. These are considered genuine masterpieces of the new generation.

What made houses popular in the present trend of residential architecture? Provided that financial aspect is not a problem, style and functionality make a house a hot trend. At the present time, smart utilization of space is a trade mark of modern houses. This engrossing and refined modern bungalow house represents the house of the common people.

Picture of Engrossing and Refined Modern Bungalow House

Nowadays, open and free flowing plans and layouts of the present architecture are the trends and most dominant. This is because of the fact that these designs allow family members and friends to engage in casual conversations over an airy and spacious relaxed atmosphere.

Description and Features of Engrossing and Refined Modern Bungalow House

Generally, the outer theme of the house sets the tone of what is in the interior. Regardless of the type of the house, the exterior defines the first impression of the overall character of a certain residence. Moreover, the outside façade says plenty about the home’s charisma, and therefore reveal a sense of choice.  For this reason, following the design consistency will show that the inner behavior is an extension of how the outside façade looks like.

A single story house with two bedrooms, this engrossing and refined modern bungalow house looks simple but graceful. The front façade of this bungalow house offer much personality considering the overall concept. The overall building appeal is elegant because of clean finish and refined edges.

To enumerate, the magnetic features of this house are:

  • elevated and comfortable terrace with concrete masonry tops serving as sitting area itself and strong square columns
  • large sized glass door which serves as a great medium for the ventilation of the building’s interior
  • relaxed living room filled with plenty of natural air and light
  • an array of average sized glass windows with white aluminum frames
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in cream and flesh shades
  • single assembly of two sections of hip roofs out of clay tiles in maroon color
  • considerable outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • simple landscaping which promotes a green environment
  • inviting driveway and carport with square columns

This engrossing and refined modern bungalow house is also an eco-friendly home, thus supporting a green living.




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