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Elevated Contemporary House with Well-Designed Hip Roof

Posted by Barrett Drew Maverick on July 29, 2022
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Modern bungalows are increasingly popping up everywhere because they are well-suited to a wide range of people, needs and lifestyles, Similarly, they seem to be the ideal choice for homebuyers searching to experience the best of low-maintenance, and open-concept living. This elevated contemporary house design has a lot to offer that will inspire many families. Besides, this modern design is suited to tropical countries like the Philippines.

Picture of Elevated Contemporary House with Well-Designed Hip Roof

Features of Elevated Contemporary House

This bungalow house emphasizes uniqueness and style which explodes with contemporary features and graceful exterior elements, sharp, clean lines, and rooflines. A house in a mix of white, blue, grey, and brown hues creates a pleasant and elegant fa├žade that keeps the exterior fascinating. Some of the highlights of this design are the combination of stone and glass elements, and the prominent cross hip roof assembly. These elements join together to deliver a magnificent structure that certainly explodes with elegance.

Picture of Elevated Contemporary House with Well-Designed Hip Roof

The style of the house design is strong yet classic and inherently sophisticated. It begins with an elevated porch designed with light brown marble tiles, and columns with accents of natural stacked stones. This space that serves as an entryway to the inner spaces looks gorgeous, and along with other exterior features exudes grace and elegance. Additionally, the cornices in the columns, around the doors and windows, and around the perimeter of the house enhance the aesthetic value of this design.

Picture of Elevated Contemporary House with Well-Designed Hip Roof

It shines with combined aesthetics and comfort. The airy surroundings shower floods the interior with tons of natural air that makes the inner space feel cozier. Similarly, the design also features substantial glass elements that transmit volumes of light and air allowing cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level.

Incredibly amazing with this modern design is the well-designed cross hip roof assembly with grey. Meanwhile, you will be enthralled with the neatness of the exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in a grey shade. The roof and exterior walls with tidy workmanship exude class and finesse.


Picture of Elevated Contemporary House with Well-Designed Hip Roof

Interior Design of Elevated Contemporary House

The Great Room

This gorgeous home plan has comfortable exterior and interior spaces. The entry porch ushers you past the main glass door into the open floor plan great room area adorned with vaulted ceilings and perimeter lights. Equally, the living room is elegant in beige color from the floor, walls, and ceilings. This open-plan living space embraces a modern feel. In fact, the space looks bright and feels cozy as lots of natural air and light penetrate inside.

The Bedroom

On the other hand, the bedrooms and kitchen shine in grey tones from floor to ceilings. The space looks bright with perimeter lights.

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

Meanwhile, the concept of the great room extends to the bathroom in beige and brown shades. The space looks elegant with the use of genuine fixtures and accessories.

Overall, the architectural concepts and detailing from the exterior to the interior offer a modern touch and feel.

Image Credit: Strong Land

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