Advanced Two Story Contemporary House

Picture of Advanced Two Story Contemporary House
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Advanced architectural design continues to deliver boundless concepts available around to amaze us. In fact, present day designs feature a wide range of concepts using glass as one of the dominant medium especially in high rise buildings. Similarly, glass has always been one of the major element in houses like in this advanced two story contemporary house.

Residential architecture continues to soar to new heights. As a matter of fact, it has introduced a lot of new concepts making the new building futuristic in nature. This article introduces a new dimension of multi-faceted home. Glass greatly and strongly influences modern architectural design. As an illustration, the house in feature, uses glass as a major medium to offer a different facet in houses.

The primary uses and applications of glass in buildings and houses are, of course, the most apparent and visible ones: facades and windows. Today’s glass products for commercial and residential buildings signify highly developed technologies. That is to say, it’s nothing like the simple window panes of the past.

Picture of Advanced Two Story Contemporary House

In general, the most common benefits of glass in houses are, light, comfort, happiness, style, safety and security, and sustainability. Glass in residential houses establishes to be a very smart medium replacing other building materials, such as bricks, concrete or wood. In fact, the more glass is in the building, the more natural light passes in to ventilate the home.

Consequently, with good ventilation will make the house even more comfortable and pleasant especially the interior. Furthermore, with the present high-tech glass varieties, this comes very beneficial to security, safety, or environmental sustainability. Consider this advanced two story contemporary house which features a design that explodes because of using glass.

Description of Advanced Two Story Contemporary House

At the present time, modern homes with green concept is a trend and demand in residential construction. It comprises the integration of ecological impact from the perspective of design, construction, preservation and use. Some factors considered to adapt to this inclination are including the use of sustainable resources, eco-friendly building measures, water conservation, and indoor air quality.

Specifically, this advanced two story contemporary house, is designed to use wall sized glass windows to promote green living concept. With its large sizes, there is plenty of natural air and light to ventilate the interior of the building and also to keep the space cool and comfortable. Likewise, aside from the comfort that the glass offers, the house looks so stylish and likeable. Consequently, these ideas improve the health care quality of the families.

Key features of advanced two story contemporary house:
  • small open front porch filled with plenty of air and light
  • cross section of vertical and horizontal geometric columns and lines creating an impressive exterior
  • pair of vertical columns with accent of sparkling autumn stones in light brown color
  • prominent exterior wall sized glass with horizontal white ceramic paint; installed from ground to first floor level defining authority. This is a smart idea for inviting abundant supply of natural light
  • large window sizes which are great medium of air and light ventilating the interior of the house
  • strong concrete masonry exterior wall on the left side elevation
  • concrete flat roof
  • combination of white and brown shades in the exterior façade, creating a cool harmony
  • spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • beautiful landscape promoting green house
  • inviting drive way and double car garage with sectional remote control door

This advanced two story contemporary house is recommended to families who need a shelter that utilizes a space and energy efficient elements.



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