5 Surprising Ways That Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Really Can Save You Money

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If your home is due (or long past due) for an upgrade to energy efficient windows, you may be merely postponing your window shopping. For starters, you may be afraid of the price quote the sales rep will casually lob your way. Before you shop, know that windows are available in a wide range of prices to suit any budget.  But the real question you should ask of yourself is the following: Can energy efficient windows really save you money?

Our research points to a solid “yes,” energy efficient replacement windows really CAN save you some of your hard-earned cash. We reached out to Dan Hatcher, a specialist in window replacement in Cedar Park, TX, to confirm that this statement is true.

He concurs. It turns out that his customers consistently report that they are glad they finally buckled down and ponied up for new windows. Here are five ways that replacing your old units can save you some cash.

How Energy Efficient Windows Can Help You Save Money

Know going in for your shopping that the cash you will save when you upgrade to new, energy-efficient models will help in offsetting the initial money you’ll need to layout.

Here are the reasons why.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency Means Lower Energy Costs

First off, energy efficient windows are better designed than the older model you will be replacing. The name tells it all—energy efficient. The cash you invest in replacement units will have a positive impact in terms of energy savings from the moment your installers complete the job.

Then, the new window technology offers enhanced protection from the external elements – energy efficiency is designed to block cold or hot air currents from being drawn into your house. On the other hand, they additionally seal the cooled or heated interior of your home from leaking outside of your home.

In short, you will conserve energy. This conservation effort translates into a savings that adds up to a significant chunk of change. According to the EnergyStar team, replacing worn out, inefficient single pane units with modern energy-efficient windows can save you anywhere from $126 to $465 annually. This wide range of estimated savings comes from your local climate—areas which deal with extreme heat or cold will save the highest amount of money.

Decrease HVAC System Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Save money on the cost of maintaining your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditions (HVAC) systems by installing new windows. Your HVAC system is in almost continuous demand during the peak months of cooling and heating. Like any mechanical system, the parts on them experience wear and tear. And, they wear out more quickly under constant demand.

Eventually, those parts degrade and cause a breakdown (inevitably on the coldest or hottest day of the year). The cost of the parts, technician visit, and time missed from work to wait for the service tech can total up to the realm of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Moreover, the less it runs, the more likely that your HVAC system will perform well for years beyond those that are taxed by continual demand due to poor windows. This better performance can add years to your system’s life expectancy, saving you thousands of dollars.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Replacing old and unattractive windows that detract from your home’s curb appeal with new, stylish, updated models will boost the value of your home.

At some point, whether in the near future or a long time down the road, you will sell your home.

Buyers demand homes with specific amenities, and having old and outdated windows can be a deal breaker. Buyers are picky creatures. They want to purchase a move-in ready home, settle in, and enjoy their new place. Taking on a major renovation like a window installation is not on their wish list!

Even if you are not selling any day soon, you will add to your home’s equity and be able to leverage it.

Decrease Your Spend on Routine Window Maintenance

Save money on the routine maintenance, which you likely must perform annually, of your old windows. Since your home has older windows, you’re probably spending time and money keeping them in working order.

So, once a year or so, you gather a scraper, a bucket of paint and a tube of caulking. You spend an entire weekend scraping away the chipped, peeled paint, repainting the trim and frame, and caulking to seal off any holes.

Not only will you save money on those maintenance supplies, but you’ll also save yourself a lot of much-needed time off!

Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

Your homeowner’s insurance company might offer discounts for enhancing your home security. Some possible discounts include upgrades to locks and windows of better quality that are resistant to cracking.

These discounts are even more likely with a higher incidence of hurricanes or earthquakes. Although these are typically small rate reductions, every penny adds up!


Yes, You CAN Save Money by Installing Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Energy efficient replacement windows are a wise investment. Not only will you enhance your home’s beauty inside and out, but you will also recoup the initial cost over the next several years.

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