3 Tips to Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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Maintaining an air conditioner is should be taken very seriously because the cost of repair is usually high and unnecessary if the air conditioner well takes care of. A well-maintained air condition can provide months and even years of service without needing a repair. The other reason as to why you need to carefully maintain your air conditioner because this will reduce the wear and tear and make is last for long.  If you service your air conditioning then it means that it will maintain its optimum performance for a very long time. These are some of the most important tips you need to maintain your air conditioner.

  1. Check your filters

The air conditioning filters are one of the susceptible places which you need to check.  The filters are the first place you need to check when you are carrying out the maintenance task of your air conditioner. The reason for this is that filters tend to get clogged with dirt, tiny derris, and other build up which block the pathway of air. A dirty or clogged filter reduces the performance of the air conditioner plus the air allowed can carry the dirt lowering the quality of the air which is breathed. Cleaning the filters or replacing them can help lower the energy consumption by over 5 percent plus it reduces the wear and tear of the coil as they are not impaired.

  1. Check the condenser coils

This is another very important place that you need to check when you are carrying out your air condenser maintenance chores. The reason as to why you need to check is because the condenser coil will collect dirt over months especially the ones which pass through the filters. Cleaning the filter will help reduce the dirt on the coil but this does not remove the importance of cleaning the condenser coils. The frequency of cleaning the coils may at times depend on the kind of dirt you find in the filters. If the filters are dirty then the chances are high that some dirt and tiny debris have passed into the coils. Clean coils enhance airflow and lead to improved performance.

  1. Hire a professional

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The above tips are when you are doing simple maintenance of your air conditioner, however, there may be a time when you conditioner needs some extra attention. There is no loss in looking for a professional to carry out the maintenance. A professional is well equipped with the right tools and required skills to carefully check the air conditioner and make sure that it’s working well. After several times of doing the maintenance of your air conditioner on your own, you should call a technician to see if there are other maintenance aspects that you are missing. A technician will carry out an overall maintenance of your air conditioner which will increase its lifespan and at the same time ensure that you get the best performance from your air conditioning system.



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