Splendid Modern Home Plan with Refined Architectural Concepts

When it comes to modern living, contemporary homes highlight many features that cater to any family regardless of social status. Some characteristics include energy efficiency, natural lighting, free-flowing concepts and, private dedicated spaces. One-storey houses as popular in most current designs cater to various lifestyles and family sizes. Moreover, in consideration of the importance of the interior space, modern homes extend the concepts to the outdoor environment. As an example, this splendid modern home plan maximizes the living areas but also considers the relevance of comfort.

Picture of Splendid Modern Home Plan with Refined Architectural Concepts

Features of Splendid Modern Home Plan

Certainly, the external concepts of a certain house identify its overall appeal. Moreover, the architectural details exactly define uniqueness and sophistication. Specifically, the cool expressions of this one-storey house are visible from the fusion of white, beige, and brown hues that register a homey curb appeal.

This design is not embellished with extravagant elements, but the simplicity of the entire façade bursts in style and elegance. Beginning with a distinctly modern appeal, the assembly and workmanship exude class and finesse. Also, it is streamlined with refined contemporary lines in the elevation which offers a contemporary look and feel.

Picture of Splendid Modern Home Plan with Refined Architectural Concepts

It headlines a terrace that serves as the main entryway to access the internal spaces. The vent wall and lighting that illuminates the space at nighttime heighten the grace of the spotless exterior walls in a beige mineral plaster finish. Another remarkable feature of this modern home plan is the glass windows in a stylish combination of slim rectangular, trapezoidal, and circular shapes that give an extra punch to the house’s character. Aside from the aesthetic sense, the glass doors and windows offer comfort to the interior. They shower tons of air and light to the internal rooms making space brighter and comfier.

Picture of Splendid Modern Home Plan with Refined Architectural Concepts

Additionally, another remarkable element of this house is the high-pitched gable roof with brown tiles and wooden gable. This concept of high ceilings gives an immediate sense of light and space that increases the interior’s comfort level. Besides, the spacious outdoor living with brimming lush trees in the background makes the entire space even more comfortable.

Specifications of Splendid Modern Home Plan

This house offers a friendly exterior with a casual ambiance that is perfect for everyday living, and entertaining. The internal layout utilizes a lot with a building space of 136.0 sq. meters. The space hosts a terrace, balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

Meanwhile, the spacious carport sitting comfortably on the left side can serve multiple functions. You can utilize it as an extension of the inner spaces for relaxation.

Similarly, you can also enjoy the comfort of the expansive outdoor living space which is great for various functions. This will be great for outdoor dining and can host numerous events and social functions

To sum up, this modern home design showcases charisma, and comfort at the same time.

Image Credit: Design and Construction Contractor for Lampang

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