Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

Magnificent Luxury Home Design

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Designs and innovations in residential architecture soar to new heights. In fact, the faster the progress in computer technologies is; the faster the stride in house designs develop although not in equal proportion. The discoveries, lifestyle as well as trends we have around us justify the level of how far the modernization has gone. Actually, this magnificent luxury home design is a living proof on how far we have gone.

Luxury is a lifestyle. Whenever we talk about luxury, the property value depends on various factors like location, origin, quality and value. Provided that the property is in prime location with magnificent design; sellers can set high asking prices to buyers. At the present time, the house category is shaped by lifestyles, hobbies, availability and cost of facilities and amenities within the house itself.

Luxury home design is more than just a spacious size in lot and floor areas. Explicitly, it goes beyond and above the expensive classification. This type of featured residence is defined by a combination of elegant great rooms, master suite, bedrooms with big closets, magnificent shelves as well as complete amenities to name a few.

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

Description of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

The building area of this magnificent luxury house design is enclosed in a lot of 18.10 meters width and 20.75 meters length. Consequently, the total usable space is 277.57 sq. meters; which corresponds to 163.35 sq. meters for the ground floor, while 114.22 sq. meters for the first floor.

The building design utilizes a combination of concrete and masonry, glass and woods. As can be seen, the structure is dominated by massive, strong concrete columns and balanced by wall sized glass windows. Furthermore, the installed wooden blinds surprisingly, heightened the exterior façade which delivered blend and harmony. The concrete represents strength and stability, while glass medium complements ventilation and comfort.

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

The foremost uses and applications of glass in this luxury home design are, of course, the most apparent and visible ones: facades and windows. Generally, the wall sized glass windows offer light, comfort, happiness, style, safety and security, and sustainability. The utilization also supports and promotes green building which is a hot trend nowadays.

In order to appreciate the magnificence of this luxury home design; the residential building is planned to contain outstanding features such as: porch, living room, dining room, outside informal dining room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 units of full bath, cabinets and utility room, laundry, cloak room, WC, boiler/electrical room, balcony, terraces and garage.

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

Features of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

This luxury home design stands uniquely with its elegant and stylish design. Actually, the outside features looks very contemporary and impressive.

Outstanding key features Magnificent Luxury Home Design:

  • Elevated front porch heightened by columns
  • Open and free flowing layout from the living to dining room
  • Comfortable living space filled with plenty of natural air and light penetrating through the large windows
  • Wall sized glass window facades in brown colored aluminum frames; which are great medium for air and light supply to ventilate the interior of the building
  • Wooden blinds in two elevations for safety and protection
  • Enormous and well-defined concrete columns and beams
  • Strong concrete masonry exterior wall fitted with silicone plaster and natural stone slabs in light grey shade
  • Ceramic roof tiles in grey color assembled in a hip type roof
  • Wooden rafter insulated with mineral wool
  • Impressive and gorgeous interior design and concepts
  • Inviting balcony and terraces in the first floor level
  • Informal dining on the outside the building of the rear elevation
  • Beautiful outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • Lovely space for landscape purposes to promote green building
  • One-car garage

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

Ground Floor Plan of magnificent Luxury House Design

A friendly and awesome floor plan, the exterior façade features an inviting front porch. A foyer welcomes the main entrance flanked by the peninsula kitchen on the right; while a cabinet/closet sits at the left. The interior presents an open and free flowing floor plan showcasing a bright great living room; with the dining room and peninsula kitchen designed adjacent to each other with the dining hall in between. The living room extends up to the ceiling of the first floor generating a very airy and comfortable atmosphere.

Additionally, the modern eye catching house plan boasts a snack bar beside the kitchen for quick meals. The peninsula kitchen flows into the dining area for easy meal service. An informal dining space is available, which is accessible form the living room through a pair of sliding glass doors. Consequently, this will be very functional during occasions and family social affairs. On the left side of the living space beside the staircase are the WC, utility room and the boiler/electrical room.

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design
First Floor Plan of Magnificent Luxury House Design

The staircase wraps around a hallway on the first floor level and presents three generous bedrooms. The master’s suite sits on the left side of the staircase; while the secondary bedrooms occupy the front section of the plan. The master’s bedroom is tucked away for peace and quiet living. It is accessorized by a large walk-in-robe and an amenity-filled compartmentalized bath with double shower and garden tub.

On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms share a common full ensuite bath anchored by a garden tub situated between them. Designed for comfort, each bedroom is provided by individual walk-in-closet as well. Laundry facilities sits beside one of the bedrooms and has an access to the balcony which is visible in the right side elevation of the plan.

Two small terraces add support functions in each of the secondary bedrooms overlooking to the frontage of this luxury house design. The space beside the staircase and laundry area are open to below the living room creating a very relaxed ambience. Completing the design is a one car-garage that sits comfortably in the left side of this residential unit.

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

Interior Design of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

The interior design of this magnificent luxury home design is noteworthy because of the aesthetic worth it possesses. In fact, the inside concepts of this residence justify the harmony that the exterior idea connects to the inside concepts. Remarkably, the mix and match of white, cream and brown colors deliver a cool and cozy ambiance.

The Living Room

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

The living room features few, simple but quality displays just enough to decorate the room. It looks so amazing with clean and refined arrangement of the furniture and accessories. The space registers a harmonious blend in white painted wall and couch, and brown flooring and window blinds. So wonderful.

The Dining Room

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

The dining room is simply an extension of the character of the living room. As can be seen, the choice of furniture, size, display and colors are very similar to that of the living room.

The Kitchen

Picture of Magnificent Luxury Home Design

Wow! It’s magnificent. The cleanliness and refinement of the space looks as consistent as the other rooms of the house. The brown colored cabinets and wooden wall are manifestation on how elegant the interior of this luxury house design is.

What else can we ask for in this kind of house? There’s more to a luxury home than visual appeal, materials used and enticing finishes. Indeed, living in this residence is more than a dream come true. The smart layout serves a more contented space which is a great concept for green living.


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