Low Budget Small House Design

Picture of Low budget small house design
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Low Budget Small House Design on the Rise

Houses are not only speaking of sizes, beauty, comfort or freedom. It’s more than how it looks or what it is made of. Cost really matters. Anyway, every house is a precious possession for homeowners.  Its relevance is dependent on how we value it and how we have converted our house into a home. Whether you are downscaling into a pleasant house or making a stride into a simple living, low budget small house design will be of advantage. To put it another way, it will cost less to build and utilize fewer materials. This type of house will be friendlier to the environment and to your budget as well.

Picture of Low Budget Small House Design

Features of Low Budget Small House Design

Small homes looks cute. They are definitely part of a growing environment that stimulates sustainable living. The choice of a low budget small house design focuses on efficient utilization of space which also help looking larger. Many designers and architects have realized techniques in converting small house into amazing and well-equipped living space. And yeah, they look adorable too in the eyes of many. While the space is small, it can be built with strong outdoor connections that will help it to appear lovely. And because of the size and cost involve in construction, a great volume of homeowners will find it very affordable. The beneficiaries, low income families.

Cost efficient and low budget small house design often features open concept floor plans. They can also offer a great room and an open kitchen. On the positive side, low cost doesn’t imply low quality of materials to use. You can have your unit furnished with excellent architectural medium as well.

Model House Design – Floor Plan

There is a lot more that a low budget small house design can offer. Everywhere you look these days, small houses are signature. Simple house is smart living. There are a lot of homes and plans that do not lose any points in style and appearance.

Consider our featured house in this article.


Floor area:                  51 m²

Two bedrooms

One common toilet and bath

Picture of Low Budget Small House Design


Because of the  many benefits, try a small house design.  Certainly, it’s a big savings on your pocket.




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