Chikita – Small Two Storey House


  • Floor Plan Code: PHD-2015009
  • Two Story House Designs
  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 1
  • Floor Area: 50 Sq.m.
  • Lot Size: 62 Sq.m.
  • Garage: 1
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Chikita is a small two storey house with a floor area of only 50 m² fitted in a 62 m² lot area. Nowadays, as the cost of land continues to soar up to the ceiling, the prices of which are depending on the location prohibits most of the common people to own a house of their own. As a basic necessity of living, people whatever it takes, will exert the best efforts and do all possible means of sheltering their own families for obvious reasons.

A lot of subdivisions are being developed almost in every corner of the country to service the community, offering a wide range and varieties of house models in various sizes of lots. As answer to this demand, Pinoy House Design offers a plan intended for lots as small as what this model shows, with lower budgets and to cater the low income families.

This specific design model showcases aluminum framed glass windows, a strip of painted vertical wall extending above the roof that creates an passionate effect separating itself from the main wall, a flat roof covering the entrance and the garage, gable roof which matches the overall layout of the house and a small garden on the side of the entrance to deliver a modest green effect.









The ground floor shows an almost square scheme, with the living room, dining room and kitchen laid out just to fit within the area. A bath to serve the whole house completes the floor. The remaining space at the back serves as an extension of the kitchen activities and other family tasks. The right side is built with a firewall obviously to save space and make the most of the available lot.

A typical garage is also provided which generates a balance on the overall appearance of the house. The second level is utilized only for two bedrooms of average sizes. Each bedroom is outlined with only one window each due to limitation of the size but enough to be ventilated as it is on the second level.



The combination of a tiled pathway, stepped stoned entrance/foyer and a garage at a little lower elevation complemented by a small garden gives the house an intensified appearance as it looks wider than the actual land scale.

This type of home is a wise choice for those looking to build a clever, flexible and cost efficient residential house which is not really larger than what the family needs or what the available lot can offer. The advantage of this design is it needs only less power to heat and illuminate which suggests great savings on energy. This small house as well correspondingly demands a lower maintenance costs.

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