Picture of Impressive Small Modern House Design

Impressive Small Modern House Design

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Sizes are deceiving. A combination of smart design and fantastic ideas will help you maximize the space. Actually, this residence in a lot area of 106.0 sq. meters generate a small modern house design with four bedrooms. It’s unbelievable! This model house plan shows its strength; by getting the most of the available area to come up with an impressive design. Hence, it’s not always about the size.

For one thing, the property is of average size, and the smartest way to generate more rooms is going into a two-story house. Because of the limitation of the area, vertical construction solves the concerns to lay out additional rooms. Consequently, more rooms will allow this residence to accommodate a family of 4-5 members. Definitely, they will enjoy a comfortable set-up although the room sizes are not so big.

The small house in feature stands in a property lot that measures 10.10 meters wide with 10.50 meters length, with a total area of 106.00 sq. meters. Respecting the building legal requirements on setbacks with 2.0 meters from the boundary and 1.5 meters on the remaining 3 sides, the total usable area is 93.00 sq. meters for two stories.

Picture of Impressive Small Modern House Design

Description of Impressive Small Modern House Design

A two story house plan with four bedrooms; the overall features of the house offers an open and free flowing layout of the daytime zone in the ground floor. In fact, smart planning has created the ground floor to function as a complete residence.  On the other hand, the second floor is exclusively spared for the night zone featuring a privacy layout.

By the concept of careful designing; this small modern house design stands tall and look bigger than the actual size. Small as it may seem, the exterior finishing delivers a unique architectural details and finishes. A combination of mineral plaster finish and sparkling autumn stones produce an aesthetically striking appeal. The white painted perimeter fence also offer an added glamour to the overall appearance of the unit. Overall, a combination of white, pale green, dark grey and brown shades generated a prominent blend.

Picture of Impressive Small Modern House Design

Floor Plan of Impressive Small Modern House Design

This small modern house design features a small porch as a perfect welcome to the house. A foyer guides towards an open layout of the living spaces with the living room occupying the front left corner. On the other hand, the kitchen flows freely to the dining room where they sit side by side on the back section of the plan. A maid’s room owns the right corner, while the common bathroom is just beside it.

Picture of Impressive Small Modern House Design

Meanwhile, the second floor hosts three bedrooms, a master and two secondary rooms placed on three corners of the house. The master’s bedroom is equipped with walk-in-closet and has an access to the small balcony overlooking to the outside view in front. The secondary bedrooms also enjoy individual walk-in-closets but share a common bath serving the entire floor.

Picture of Impressive Small Modern House Design

The most compelling feature of this design is the smart concept of generating four bedrooms despite the size. Additionally, the size successfully crafted an attractive exterior. As can be seen, the use of vertical and horizontal lines in the outer façade form a fascinating play of lines and contrasting textures. What a house indeed.

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