Graceful Single Storey House Plan with Two Bedrooms

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How do you decide on what house to buy or build? What are the major considerations you have to take?  Actually, whether you buy or build a house is not as simple as what you think. In fact, either you want to invest for a single story house plan, two storey residence, split level or any other type, requires careful decision.

Well, a house is a precious possession and lifetime investment thus, you have to be smart in making your decision.  What factors are you going to consider in choosing a house? The first thing that you have to consider is your financial status as everything will depend on your budget. Other factors to be taken into account are type of house, location, family size and lifestyle and the need for privacy.

For households who prefer a single storey house plan, Pinoy House Design proposes this unit with lots of benefits and advantages. These includes a wider appeal, free flowing concept of the living spaces and energy-efficient. Certainly, the overall cost of construction will be lower and the maintenance of the unit will be easier and of lower cost as well. Additionally, investment wise, it will have higher resale value.

Picture of Graceful Single Storey House Plan with Two Bedrooms

Description of Graceful Single Storey House Plan with Two Bedrooms

The house in feature stands in a land area of dimension 14.0 x 16.0 meters, where the house size measures 9.60 x 9.10 meters. With a livable space of 84.0 m², the unit contains the complete elements that suits an average size household. This residence is built in a cozy environment thus, living is very comfortable.

The front exterior blows in a  design of style and character. The concept features the house in an elevated scheme which helps the house stand taller and deliver an additional appeal. The terrace looks very prominent with square columns in grey shade with benches around for family get together. You can imagine how comfortable the place is because it’s widely open for fresh air and light.

Picture of Graceful Single Storey House Plan with Two Bedrooms

The exterior wall elevations look very refined with mineral plaster finish which shines in cream color and grey foundation. They also have sufficient glass window panels on appropriate locations to help ventilate the interior of the building.

Picture of Graceful Single Storey House Plan with Two Bedrooms

Picture of Graceful Single Storey House Plan with Two Bedrooms

For a little variation, it a wise concept to have the garage follow the natural grade line at least to make a certain distinction with the elevated house plan.

Meanwhile, there is a high consistency with the design by using two basic colors, cream and grey the entire house. The house shines with this blend which adds pleasantness to the eyes and feelings. For this design, the house outstandingly explode with the clay hip type roof in grey shade.

Floor Plan and House Specifications

The house in feature at this article stood out with finesse and style and includes the following elements:

  • open terrace
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • one bathroom
  • one-car garage
  • hip type roofing assembly
  • garden and landscape

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the freshness and comfort with this single storey house plan with two bedrooms.

Credit to the owner of the design: homeplan2u

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