Functional Single Bedroom House Plan in 28 m²

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Transformations in the housing technology has gone a long, long way. In fact there are plenty of innovations that have taken place since then. We can easily pinpoint the major changes in every type of house. Single-story house became popular during the old times, and recently have seen a rebirth in popularity. Look at this featured house – a single bedroom house plan in 28 m² only. Actually, it’s very small but the overall appearance and style makes it stand bigger.

Picture of Functional Single Bedroom House Plan in 28 m²

A simple house as it is designed, it has a lot of benefits like being perfect for every stage of life. Moreover, the cost is definitely lower and the maintenance aspect is easier and lower as well. A house as humble as this single bedroom house plan, the low income families will love this.

Picture of Functional Single Bedroom House Plan in 28 m²

Description of Functional Single Bedroom House Plan in 28 m²

The house referred in this article stands in lot that measures 7.0 x 4.0 meters or a floor area of 28.0 m². There is a 2.0 meters width for the open porch. The unit composes a living / family room, combined dining room and kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom. Indeed, modest but complete and solid.

Picture of Functional Single Bedroom House Plan in 28 m²

As can be seen, the design is a smart one for this size because of the use of glass door and glass window panels at the most appropriate locations. Actually, it is a clever concept as they serve as medium in allowing the light and air to penetrate the interior for ventilation. The front exterior wall is fitted with mineral plaster finish on grey shade which is very cool.

Look on how architecture works. The materials used, the installation and the overall style has converted this residence into a modern house. The blend of colors grey and brown delivers a pleasant appeal. The remaining exterior walls also stand with mineral plaster finish in light brown shade with glass panels too. One of the highlights of this functional single bedroom house plan is the flat style roof in cream color which shows strength and character.

An open porch welcomes the glass door that directs to the living room. The bedroom stays on the left side while the dining / kitchen sits on the right section of the plan. Meanwhile, the bathroom sits between the bedroom and kitchen. To make the plan more comfortable, tha plan provides a wooden door on the right side to the open space.

Despite the size of the unit, this single bedroom house plan is very functional and delivers complete freedom and privacy.

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