Picture of Classical Two Bedroom Single Floor House

Classical Two Bedroom Single Floor House

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Every family needs a shelter for privacy and to protect them from outside forces. That is to say, it functions for freedom and security. However, in as much as they want to have their own home, it’s the financial capacity that dictates their ability to own one. Despite the financial crisis, families have managed securing their own house. One design to consider is this classical two bedroom single floor house design most families might like.

The residential house plan in feature requires a floor area of 96 m² to build. Looking at the perspective, this classical two bedroom single floor house design represents a modern house of class and style. The features of this home includes the living room, dining room, two bedrooms with attached T&B, kitchen, staircase, roof deck, sitout and porch.

The porch is convertible into a parking area or one-car garage. The carport and the sitout is secured by a gable roof which adds a distinct style. The roof covering may use either metal sheet or roof tiles in dark color. Meanwhile, a concrete roofing which functions as the roof deck shelters the main living space.

Picture of Classical Two Bedroom Single Floor House

The exterior façade of this classical two bedroom single floor house design shows simplicity but with class. Starting from the garage, the stacked stones in the columns generate a unique design and image. Moreover, the brown colored aluminium frames introduce a touch of harmony with the overall appearance that the house projects.

The distribution of grey shades all throughout the elevation and the stripes within the concrete roof add a significant appeal. It is a smart idea to have used a consistent shade of white and gray from the floor, to walls up to the roof deck. To sum up, the overall exterior is a package that promotes coolness, coziness and style.

The Floor Plan of Classical Two Bedroom Single Floor House

Picture of Classical Two Bedroom Single Floor House


From the main entrance is the living room furnished with U-shaped couch arranged facing the door. The Master’s bedroom is located at the far right corner with en-suite bathroom and walk-in-closet. The second bedroom sits opposite the MBR on the far left corner with an attached T&B as well. This T&B can be converted into a common unit to serve everybody and the visitors.

The dining room is in the middle of two bedrooms in a good position. Every other room is almost of the same distance to it and is very accessible. To be different from most designs, the kitchen of this plan is sitting on the front left corner and to the left of the living room. The stairs to the roof deck originates from the dining room. The roof deck is an extension of the functions of the living spaces. It can serve as either a relaxation room, recreation or fitness room or venue for family affairs and social gatherings.

This residential house will cater families of various levels, with average size floor area but is promoting style and class.

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