Charming Bungalow House Design

Picture of Charming Bungalow House Design

At the present time, there are adequate reasons to appreciate the advantages of modern bungalow house design. We are bombarded by climatic changes which affects every aspect of our lives. In today’s residential housing, to have space, privacy and energy appears like difficult to realize. However, there are ways to attain these elements; and this is what this one story house plan will present.

In fact, the primary objective of this bungalow house design is to offer a contented ambience and at the same time being energy efficient. A gorgeous family house, the project has excellent layout; connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces. The home set-up also promotes green living and is energy efficient. Therefore, it positively affects the health and well-being of the family.

The outdoor terrace in a green environment setting that surrounds the structure is a perfect place to relax. You may enjoy a breakfast in the open air as well as simple exposure with rays of the sun in the morning. Meanwhile, the interior of this bungalow house design features an open layout for the living spaces. Similarly, the layout offers a comfortable atmosphere inside as it in the outdoor space.

Picture of Charming Bungalow House Design

Description of Charming Bungalow House Design

A gorgeous bungalow house design; this modern home plan stands in a square building lot that measures 13.38 meters wide and 13.30 meters long. From a building space of 177.95 sq. meters, the usable space corresponds to 129.31 sq. meters. This unique house design features three bedrooms which will be good for 4–5 family members. The home suits families who value contemporary design and style.

This bungalow house design of three bedrooms is just perfect with regards to the floor plan and functionality. Wall-sized balcony glass doors provide direct access to the terrace from the living room, the master’s bedroom and kitchen. In fact, the smart design of having large glass doors supplies the interior with plenty of natural air that ventilates the inside space.

Features of Charming Bungalow House Design

This charming three bedroom bungalow house design offers the following remarkable features:

  • comfortable living and dining rooms; with a pair of sliding glass door to the front terrace
  • modern island kitchen with snack bar; with a direct access to the outdoor terrace
  • three bedrooms with individual, functional walk-in-robes; and a common full bath with double shower anchored with a garden tub
  • relaxed terrace accessible through wall sized glass doors from the living room, master’s suite and kitchen
  • tranquil and airy terrace filled with plenty of natural air and light; that penetrates the building’s interior
  • external walls with mineral plaster finish in a fusion of white and grey colors
  • concrete flat roof painted in white and grey
  • spacious outdoor space for recreation and entertaining family, friends and guests
  • simple but attractive garden and landscaping that supports green living
Floor Plan of Charming Bungalow House Design

Picture of Charming Bungalow House Design


An awesome floor plan hosts a triangular layout of the living spaces with the living room in front serving as a perfect welcome. The casual dining room sits in front of the living room; while the island kitchen is situated to the right of the kitchen. A simple snack bar flows freely to the living and dining rooms for quick and easy meal services. The building’s interior feels very comfortable; with large glass doors from the living room and kitchen; supplying plenty of natural air and light.

Meanwhile, three bedrooms composed this bungalow house design which define a high level of privacy. The master’s suite is located in front of the house just beside the kitchen. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms occupy the opposite corners of the house at the back. All bedrooms are accessorized by individual walk-in –robes but share one spacious, full bath with double shower anchored with a garden tub; that sits beside the master’s suite. There is also a storage area in between the dining room and bedroom; and a second bathroom near the rear door. The interior also offers a comfortable hallway between the secondary bedrooms; with access to the outdoor space at the back.

Overall, this residential house which is blend of style and function will fit families who wants to enjoy a healthy and happy living.

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