A Guide to Installing A Rooftop Pool

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Imagine this: wandering up to the roof of your home, stripping down into your swimming costume, and sinking into the warm water of your own private rooftop pool with a glass of champagne and a view of the stars right above your head. Well, imagine no further!

Installing your own rooftop pool isn’t as hard as you might thing, and just like these Riverina swimming pools in Perth, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury and elegance of a swimming pool from the comfort of your own home.

Time for Some Maths

Although the idea of throwing a swimming pool up there straight away is more than tempting, it’s important to make sure your building can withstand the weight of your swimming pool. This means you’re going to need to do a little bit of research – you’ll need to find out what the age of your property is (this will determine whether the material is still able to hold the weight), and the maximum strength. Some measuring will also be needed – of course, you’re never going to be able to fit an Olympic swimming pool on your rooftop, so you’ll need to figure out what size you’d like, or what size can fit.

Using all of these measurements, you’ll be able to find out what size pool you can get, as well as how deep of a pool you’ll be able to have. Remember that your building is going to have to hold not only the weight of the pool, but the weight of the water, which is a lot heavier than you might think. For these calculations, you’ll need to hire an architect – architects have a good knowledge of physics, and will know exactly what calculations to do to make sure your roof won’t collapse. Their structural calculations will be able to figure out exactly how much your roof can hold weight wise, and how best to reinforce the pool to strengthen it and make sure there’s no chance of anything going wrong. An architect will also calculate where the ideal place to put your pool is (for example, if there are any reinforced areas of the roof, but also if it’s accessible for you.

What Materials?

When you’ve figured out where your pool should go, how big it will be, and how deep it will be, the next thing to think about is what material to use when building it. There are three main materials used for pools – polyester, stainless steel, and shotcrete. Fiberglass reinforced polyester is the easiest and quickest option for those who want something done quickly. However, it isn’t the most viable option for most builds – it’s very limited in the measures and models it can be used in, and most people are put off by the fact that fiberglass reinforced polyester takes a lot more maintenance than its alternatives.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for some, as it has a higher level or resistance and doesn’t require any complicated maintenance processes. However, the most popular choice for most people is shotcrete – shotcrete is a system made up of the high pressure projection of concrete, which allows total adhesion on walls and floor. This essentially means that you can build on any surface at all with high resistance. It’s also better in terms of transport of machinery – much less is needed, as well as less personnel. It’s also incredibly tight and unlikely to allow leaks to spill through, meaning you’re sure to have a good, solid foundation.

The Finishing Touches

Of course, with any rooftop pool, it’s essential to opt for a double vessel – one to hold the water, and one to ensure there are no leaks through your roof. You can finish your pool off with porcelain tiles, aggregate or liner – all of these are great choices, as they allow for welding and can adapt to the tightness and measure of your pool. You can also add lighting to give it that extra flash.

This is a quick guide to building your own rooftop pool. Remember, before any work, you should check your local regulations to make sure you have permission to build on your property. Enjoy!

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